Illegal Immigration Proponents Support Slavery

image courtesy of newsrealblog
image courtesy of newsrealblog

Illegal immigration is another area where the true racist and misogynistic tendencies of Liberals/Leftists appear. They have turned a blind eye to things like human trafficking as well as other extremely harmful aspects of illegal immigration, not only to our own economy, but to the people coming here illegally themselves.


Instead, they are currently more concerned with demonizing the state of Arizona and it’s new illegal immigration law than they are concerned with protecting the rights of citizens. They’ve also proven that they care not one whit about the people coming here illegally. They aren’t human beings to them; they are merely political pawns and cheap labor.

For instance, the feminist sites are up in arms over Arizona’s new law. Naturally, they do not understand the law in the slightest; most have not even read it, I’m sure. That doesn’t stop them from opening their mouths and proving their foolishness, though, as always. Take this article at Feministe, for example, full of hysterical screeching prior to the bill’s passage:

In Arizona, the legislature looks set to pass a truly terrifying anti-immigration bill that would, among other thing, allow police to arrest undocumented immigrants on the charge of trespassing simply for being in the state.

Um. Isn’t that what being illegal means? That you are not in the state legally? Feministing (I know. Can’t they come up with more original names?) had this to say, after the bill’s passage:

I attended this vigil on Saturday night in DC to protest the Arizona anti-immigrant legislation and stand in solidarity with the people of Arizona.

Apparently, she doesn’t understand what standing in solidarity means, as 70% of Arizonians approve of the bill (as do close to 60% of the American people as a whole). Nor does she understand the English language. The bill aims to fix the problem of illegal immigration. It’s not anti-immigration itself.  As usual, the truth doesn’t matter to the left. The rest of the article goes on to demonize Arizona further, mentioning ways to take “action against the legislation.”

What isn’t mentioned ever? Concern for The Children ™ who are suffering due to strained medical and educational resources. Concern for our own minority and lower income communities who are losing jobs or are earning lower incomes due to the cheap labor in the form of illegal immigration. Apparently, having their lawns manicured and their tables bussed cheaply means more to the left than the human beings providing such services. Why have legal immigrants when you can have illegal ones as figurative slaves, huh, left?

Nor do they show concern For the Women, who are brought here, smuggled in illegally, as slaves. This time, I mean that literally.

Colonel Randy Powers with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department said Caballero was one of four men inside the home holding a female against her will.  He says all four men are in the U.S. illegally.  He didn’t reveal the age of the victim, but also said she is not from the U.S.  “We have good reason to believe she was being forced to have sex with patrons that were coming in,” says Powers when explaining the abuses the victim suffered.

Human trafficking and the exploitation of women is a direct result of condoning and allowing wide open borders and massive illegal immigration. And the left doesn’t care. What’s a little enslavement and forced prostitution if it gets us some cheap labor and more bodies at the ballot box? Because that’s what they are to them. Just bodies. Super oppressed pawns, used to their own political means. Like the woman in the story above, many females smuggled in illegally are being prostituted twice. Once at the hands of their human traffickers and a second time at the hands of the left.

I am pro-immigration. I welcome all who strive for a better life for themselves and for their children. Who are willing to come here, obey our laws, work hard and embrace freedom. Legally.

I also believe in human dignity and the sanctity of life. As such, unlike the left, I recognize illegal immigration for what it is:

The new slavery.

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