Moore to the Point: Sharp Enough to Be President, Dim Enough to Be Absolved

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Welcome to 2024, where the same man who was just absolved of criminal responsibility for the willful retention and mishandling of classified documents, largely due to his being elderly and having a faulty memory, is nevertheless held up by his fellow Democrats as being fit for reelection as commander in chief and de facto leader of the free world. 


I've heard of damning with faint praise before, but Special Counsel Robert Hur's report is next level. 

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Of course they aren't recommending criminal prosecution of Old Joe. That was pretty much a given. The real question on that front is how they expect to blur out the optics of treating Biden with kid gloves while yanking them off in favor of brass knuckles to go at the guy who just happens to be his primary political opponent. Anyone who doesn't view the world purely through Dem-colored glasses can't help but see the blatant double standard being employed here. 


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And that alone would be bad enough. But what's worse is we're being told the guy who can't be prosecuted because he's too old and feeble to even remember when he served as vice president and who's spent the bulk of the past week relaying his conversations with dead people simply must be reelected because the Bad Orange Man poses an existential threat to democracy. Or something. 

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, February 9th. Audio included below.


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