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I practiced law for close to 30 years. The fact that I chose to change things up and migrate to a different career in my mid-50s doesn’t mean I don’t still love the law or become intrigued or even fired up about stories involving it. I don’t miss litigating, but I do enjoy analyzing and opining on legal issues as they arise in the context of news coverage and political punditry. 


It’s just that…they’re everywhere. And it isn’t just that Democrats and the litigious left are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Donald Trump, hoping that some piece of lawfare will sufficiently wing him and prevent his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s Missouri vs. Biden, and Elon vs. the ADL, and Disney vs. DeSantis, and California’s AG vs. school boards that believe parents should be notified regarding their kids’ changing pronouns, and Hunter Biden vs. the DOJ — oh, wait a minute…

Anyway, the civil lawsuits and criminal proceedings abound. And the lawyer in me wants to keep up with and write on all of them. But the human in me only has 24 hours of the day to work with, and some of those need to be spent doing other things, like sleeping, and exercising, and occasionally relaxing. 

It’s good to be busy. But I never dreamed I’d be busier writing about cases than I was when I was trying them.  

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, September 8. Audio included below.


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