Moore to the Point - This Isn’t Your Democracy

Not long ago, I took issue with the cries — by many on the left — that virtually anything right of center was a “threat to democracy.” I noted how such claims were more or less conflating “democracy” with “Democrats” because the main driver of such claims is not concern about a system of governance but rather about the preservation of power.


I’m going to take that a step further now, though, and point out the utter flaw (some might call it BS) in the notion that things — any things — pose a “threat to our democracy.” No, my friends, there isn’t a thing that poses a threat to our democracy — or your democracy, or mine — because we don’t live in a democracy. Never have, never will.   

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To restate the obvious, we live in a constitutional republic. Now, there are democratic principles that undergird said republic, but we don’t live in a democracy, and anyone claiming — or advocating — otherwise is, quite frankly, full of it.

So why do they do it? Why sound the alarm about “threats to our democracy” if ours is not a democracy?

Because it sounds dire, and they’re banking on your ignorance. If they were sincere in their concern, they’d note how whatever it is is a “threat to our republic” — but that might make people stop and ponder the actual definitions of “democratic” and “republican.”

And we can’t have folks actually using their noggins now, can we?


This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, August 14th. Audio included below.



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