Latest Fox Poll Shows Trump With 34-Point Lead in South Carolina

Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Pickens, S.C. (7/1/23) (Credit: WSPA)

He may have a lot on his plate these days, but former President Donald Trump has to be pleased with the latest GOP primary polling numbers coming out of South Carolina. Fox Business released a new poll on Sunday that shows Trump with a commanding 34-point lead over the rest of the field.


Of those polled, 48 percent favor Trump. Former South Carolina Governor (and U.N. Ambassador) Nikki Haley places second in the polling from her home state at 14 percent, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis right on her heels at 13 percent, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott rounding out the top four at 10 percent.

A new Fox Business poll on the GOP nomination race shows Trump with a 34-point lead in the Palmetto State, as over half believe he’s the candidate most likely to defeat President Biden.

The new poll, released Sunday, finds almost half of South Carolina likely Republican primary voters backing Trump in the 2024 primary contest (48%).  That number is slightly larger (51%) among those who say they will definitely vote in the February 24 primary.

Lagging far behind is former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at 14%, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 13%, and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott at 10%.  No other candidate reaches double-digit support.

That Trump maintains a lead in the Palmetto State isn’t terribly surprising. He won the state by 10 points in the 2016 GOP primary, and recently drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 50,000 in the small town of Pickens, South Carolina, population 3,400.




The rally was Trump’s signature-style large-scale event.

Former President Donald Trump packed the house at his South Carolina rally on Saturday, drawing a massive crowd that was significantly larger than the population of the town which hosted it.

The leading Republican presidential candidate barnstormed in Pickens, a town of about 3,400 residents, on Saturday, speaking to more than 50,000 people who gathered at the downtown venue and lined the surrounding streets, according to Pickens police chief Randal Beach.

Beach told The Associated Press on Sunday that authorities were unable to calculate the exact number, but he estimated the rally was attended by “somewhere between 50-55,000” people.

Drilling down a bit more in the most recent poll, we see that Trump’s strongest support comes from very conservative voters. The same holds true for DeSantis, though not so much for Haley and Scott.

Trump sees his strongest support among those identifying as very conservative (57%), voters under age 45 (55%), voters without a college degree (53%), rural voters (52%), and White evangelicals (51%).

Like Trump, DeSantis’ strongest support comes from those who are very conservative, while for Haley and Scott it comes from moderates.

For most voters, the key quality in a candidate is that he or she can beat President Joe Biden in the General Election.

Seventy-two percent of GOP primary voters say it is extremely important the candidate they support can defeat Biden while 62% say it is extremely important their candidate shares their views.


One issue which might show voters parting ways to a degree with Trump is regarding the debates. Even among those who back the former president, more view skipping the debate as a sign of weakness rather than of strength.

By an almost 2-to-1 margin, GOP primary voters think a candidate choosing to skip the debate shows weakness (57%) as opposed to strength (29%).  Majorities of Haley (73%) and DeSantis (71%) supporters feel it shows weakness, as do a plurality of Trump backers (46% weakness vs. 40% strength).

With South Carolina’s primary set for February 24, 2024, the candidates have seven months to woo South Carolinians — and with it being the first primary in the South, a victory there will be key to securing the eventual nomination.


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