RedState Weekly Briefing: Biden's Spills, Bud Light's Ills, Late to Work Won't Pay the Bills

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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

#1 – Biden Reportedly Hurt Himself Again After Massive Spill at Air Force Commencement — by Bonchie

Let’s start with the first part. It is not normal or okay that we have a president so old, a man who will be 82 years old on inauguration day if re-elected, that he can’t help but fall down and hit his head on things multiple times a year. We’ve all been through this in real life with our own elderly relatives. As people age, they tend to suffer various injuries that younger people simply avoid. That’s one of the reasons we shouldn’t have presidents who are 80 years old.

At what point does the White House stop succeeding in covering this stuff up by claiming he’s fine? It’s not surprising at all he hit his head coming out of Marine One given how vicious his fall at the USAF academy was. The claims that he was uninjured are laughable. At the very least, he was likely dazed by the incident and sore afterward.


Bud Light
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#2 – Bud Light’s Troubles Now Spiraling out of Control With Latest Sales News — by Nick Arama 

Normally, you might have expected such a thing to wane over time. Yet if anything, it seems to be deepening and getting worse. It’s held fast through Memorial Day weekend with a lot of supply left on the shelves and in the aisles, despite Bud Light even offering it for sale for essentially free. That doesn’t spell good news for Bud Light and its parent Anheuser-Busch, which was using Memorial Day as a marker to see if they can pull back any of the customers they had lost. We haven’t gotten the numbers in yet for the weekend; they will probably come toward the end of the week.

But the numbers that we have now up through the week ending May 20th truly spell big trouble for Bud Light if they had hoped to pull out of the spiral. Sales are now down nearly 30 percent.



Tucker Carlson
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#3 – FBI Raided Home of Media Consultant, Dem Politician Over ‘Embarrassing’ Tucker Carlson Videos — by Nick Arama 

The material relates to a story that was run by Vice about Kanye West videos that Carlson did not air when he did his show with West, as well as the Media Matters series, “FOXLEAKS” featuring the Carlson clips that ended up making him look good (although that was not their intent). Fox sent Media Matters a cease and desist letter regarding running the materials. The letter from the federal prosecutor specifies that Vice or Media are not accused of any wrongdoing. It also says that illegal conduct by other subjects did not include Fox News employees or affiliates.

But the fact that the FBI is talking about “unauthorized computer access” means they think someone hacked Fox here and that’s how the videos got out into the firmament. So we’ll have to see how this continues to roll out. It does answer one question — that it looks like Fox didn’t leak the videos, as some may have thought. If someone went to the extent of hacking Fox, presumably, to try to take Tucker down, can we say how many ways that’s an incredibly dumb move? But if that was the aim, it failed spectacularly, as those videos only served to make Tucker Carlson more popular. Now, anyone who may have been involved could be facing some serious problems with the law as a result.


A priest at St. Raphael in Ohio performs mass, May 28, 2023

#4 – Queer Woman Confronts Catholic Priest in Ohio After He References Attacks on Faith and the LA Dodgers — by Jennifer Van Laar

During the homily at St. Raphael Church, a man later identified as Father Tim said:

We should be emboldened by that spirit, you know why? Because we are under attack. We are. Look it up. Look at the Los Angeles Dodgers. Look what’s happening. Defaming the name of Jesus Christ. Defaming the name of every Christian here on Earth. It just burns a hole in my heart, angers me and embitters me. And it should you. We should feel that sting. We should know that sting. We should understand it, and fight against it. Not by using boxing gloves. There’s other means. There’s other ways. And Jesus showed us in love. That’s how you do it. You go to the Cross. That’s how you do it. But we fight nonetheless. It just – I don’t want to give these people a name. I don’t want to give them that much credit. But it’s happening. And it’s also being affirmed. It’s also being affirmed. I want to cry. But we have the spirit. We have the spirit of the Living God, who is upon us, who is with us, who is among us and within us. We have that power and that gift and that presence. Don’t underestimate it. Allow it to encourage it and bless you and give you the insight and the mode of response.



#5 – ‘Racial Justice’? Trainer Fired for Being Late 47 Times, Gym Ordered to Pay Her $11.25 Million — by Mike Miller 


To its credit, Equinox Gyms didn’t do what spineless companies across America have done since the George Floyd riots when targeted with charges of racism — which would’ve been to fall on its sword, beg for forgiveness, profess to have seen the BLM light, and pathetically promise to stop its pretend “racist” practices. (See: Spineless NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for a perfect example.)

The company said in a statement it “vehemently disagreed” with the judgment, and stressed that it doesn’t “tolerate discrimination in any form.” In addition, Eqionox filed a motion asking the court to reconsider the case — either via a new trial or a reduction of the massive award amount.


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