Moore to the Point - You Can't Handle the Truth!

I was still in law school when “A Few Good Men” came out in 1992. Thus, the courtroom drama – featuring some of the day’s biggest stars – was of particular interest to me, though the film’s most iconic scene is likely familiar to almost everyone. Who can erase the image of Jack Nicholson’s scary mug as his Colonel Nathan Jessup screamed at Tom Cruise’s Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee: “You can’t handle the truth!”?



I was reminded of that scene Wednesday night when Tucker Carlson – fresh off of his rapid unscheduled disassembly from Fox News – released a video on Twitter assuring fans and haters alike that he’s fine and, in fact, we’re all fine – or will be.

Tucker closed out his brief message, which, as of Thursday morning, was closing in on 16 million views*, with the observation that: “True things prevail,” and while acknowledging that there aren’t many places left where you can find Americans speaking the truth, affirming that “there are some, and that’s enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope.”

And he’s right. Despite the hysterical hissing from those who fancy themselves Nathan Jessups protecting the rest of us from “the truth,” it will out. And we can handle it. It’s the ones guarding it so jealously who can’t.



*21.4 million as of the time this article was published.

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, April 28th. Audio included below.


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