Moore to the Point - Copy and Paste

So, history was made on Tuesday. A former U.S. president was formally arraigned. We knew it was coming, of course – first, thanks to Donald Trump himself announcing on Truth Social that he was soon to be indicted, and then thanks to the announcement last Thursday that the indictment had, in fact, been handed down.


When you think about it, the only real mystery lies in why it took them this long – Donald Trump has been “a man in search of a crime” for over seven years, ever since he announced his run for president — as a Republican — following a 40-plus year run as a real estate mogul and celebrity with much of his life lived in the limelight, often with utter adulation from the very same people who’ve since decided he’s the devil incarnate.

Along with the arraignment came the unsealed indictment – 34 counts of…Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree. I saw a remark on Twitter about it seeming like the same thing copied and pasted 34 times. Essentially, that’s what it was, but that’s also how pleadings like this tend to work. They’re supposed to be precise – almost mathematical.

But here’s the thing about math: 34 times zero is still zero – and that’s all Alvin Bragg appears to have here.


This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, April 5th. Audio included below.



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