RedState Weekly Briefing: Walkers, and Pelosis, and Musks, Oh My!

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Trump Rally
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#1 – WATCH: Herschel Walker’s Hilarious and Honest Response to Obama Is Pure Gold — by Nick Arama

But Walker is a son of Georgia who went to school in the state, he wants to work for Georgia and when he speaks, he comes across as a genuine person to the people in the state. That’s why he is connecting with the voters.

Walker skewered the heck out of Obama in a hilarious and honest four-and-a-half-minute response that just laid Obama out. Notice: no notes, no teleprompter, and no closed-captioning required — just real talk.


Pelosi Husband Assaulted
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#2 – The Paul Pelosi Story Makes No Sense, and the Public Needs Answers — by Bonchie 

It’s the assailant himself that is such an enigma, though. Shortly after his arrest was announced, the authorities claimed that he was a right-wing conspiracy theorist with ties to January 6th rhetoric. That led to the usual gnashing of teeth, accusing Republicans of somehow being responsible for the attack despite that rule never applying to Democrats when leftwing attackers target conservatives.

Regardless, the problem is that fact patterns about the assailant appear to be clashing. For example, aside from supposedly being a January 6th nutter, we know that David DePape is a hemp jewelry-making nudist protester. Here’s what his house looks like.


APTOPIX Pelosi Husband Assaulted
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#3 – Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Gets a Lot Weirder, and the Picture Gets a Little Clearer — by Bonchie

That one paragraph pretty much tells us all we need to know. Far from being some organized, sinister Republican operative, radicalized by GOP thought, it appears DePape is what he always appeared to be: An insane person with no long-standing, coherent political ideology. His shift from leftwing to rightwing conspiracy theories was likely a result of his already broken mental state.

I know that won’t make Hillary Clinton, Adam Kinzinger, and the other leftists who rushed to blame Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy for the attack happy, but sometimes the truth is more boring than fanciful tales of mainstream partisan influence. More often than not, crazy people are just crazy, latching onto whatever is in front of them, and I now feel confident in saying that’s what happened in this case. In fact, DePape has never mentioned Nancy Pelosi in any of his reported rantings.



Elon Musk
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#4 – AOC Throws Fit Over Twitter Verification, Elon Delivers a Hilarious Reply — by Nick Arama 

Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to have any understanding of what “free speech” means. It doesn’t mean that you don’t charge for a service. Nothing says anyone has a “right” to a blue check. Why shouldn’t Musk charge for it, if he wants? Plus, getting that money so he’s not reliant on advertising will help him ensure that he can guarantee free speech without being subject to advertiser/liberal/other dictates. That’s something that would benefit all of us, including those of us who don’t give a rap about getting a blue check.

Not only are the leftist meltdowns fun, but the way Elon Musk has been dealing with all the liberal tears has been hilarious as well.


Elon Musk SolarCity Lawsuit
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

#5 – Oh My: Elon Just Dropped an Electrifying Tweet on Hillary About Paul Pelosi Attack — by Nick Arama 

Again, they’re not calling out the alleged criminal here, or even saying we must do something to address the system that doesn’t know how to deal with the mentally ill. They’re lying about Republicans and saying the Republicans must be “held accountable.” This should concern anyone who cares about free speech. Of course, she’s also using it as an election attack point against Republicans. Democrats have no options at this point; Americans are so furious at how the Democrats have destroyed the economy.

But how ironic and hypocritical that Clinton should declaim about hate and conspiracy theories, when she was involved in helping to spread a “deranged conspiracy theory” against President Donald Trump with the Steele dossier and Russia collusion. How many crazies have been whipped up by those lies? Many on the left still believe them. Many on the left believe the 2016 election was stolen by Russia for Trump, and Clinton has helped to foster that belief.



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