Moore to the Point - Home Stretch

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, October 17th. Audio included below.


With just over three weeks left until Election Day, we’re seeing a lot of polling numbers – many of them favorable to Republican candidates. This stands to reason – it’s a mid-term election, the Democrats are in charge of both houses of Congress and the presidency, and the economy is pretty well in the toilet. Things aren’t exactly rosy on the foreign policy front either.


The strongest argument the Democrats seem to have going for them – or, at least, the one they’ve chosen to run on — is that Republicans are “extremists” who want to upend democracy and eliminate abortion across the board. Well, I’ve got news for the Democrats: Republicans have been the pro-life party for decades, so accusing them of being…pro-life doesn’t exactly pack the punch they seemingly think it does.

And as for wanting to upend democracy – remind me again which party has pushed for, among other things: defunding the police, eliminating the filibuster, ditching the Electoral College, allowing non-citizens to vote, suppressing speech, and packing the Supreme Court.

It’s the Democrats – really the progressives – who continually push for drastic changes in our way of life and system of governance – to our detriment. If the polls and other indicators are right, voters will be giving them a resounding NO on November 8th.



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