RedState Weekly Briefing: Kinzinger Drunk Tweets, Lake Dismantles Hobbs, DeSantis Outshines Biden

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger
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#1 – Adam Kinzinger ‘Drunk-Tweets’ His Way Into Total Embarrassment — by Bonchie

As someone with a relatively small Twitter account compared to other political commentators (about 25,000 followers), the idea that I or anyone else is responsible for what random people post on the internet is not only insane, it’s downright fascist. Perhaps Kinzinger should look in the mirror as he proclaims a 1938 moment while sitting on a scam committee seeking to punish people for free speech. I’m just saying.

So what’s this really all about? When you boil it down, Kinzinger is both unhinged and an opportunist. His political career is over after his Democrat friends redistricted him out of Congress. In fact, one might even suspect his shift in the last several years was specifically meant to avoid that fate, but here we are. He’s got to have somewhere to go, right?


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#2 – WATCH: Jill Biden Shoves Joe off the Stage as Reporters Shout Questions — by Nick Arama 

Jill delivered remarks. Then Doug Emhoff (who is a better speaker than Jill, Joe, or Kamala) spoke.

But after Joe Biden finished his remarks, he seemed confused and delayed leaving the stage. Jill looked testy when he asked her something, and she said, “No.” Then reporters began shouting questions and Biden seemed to point at something. That’s when Jill looked worried — perhaps not wanting him to answer any questions– and started pushing him off the stage. You could also see both Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff looking like they didn’t know what to do with Joe. Emhoff pointed off stage for Joe to know which way to go.



John Fetterman
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#3 – John Fetterman Gets Pummeled by an Unexpected Source — by Bonchie 

All the while, Fetterman has presented himself as a working man’s hero despite never actually being a working man. He constantly touts his support for unions, wearing gym shorts and Carhartt hoodies in lieu of actually looking like a grown adult that is running for the US Senate.

As the AP details, though, Fetterman is a fraud. He’s a lazy bum who has sucked money from taxpayers while giving them little to nothing in return. Working only 4-5 hours a day when he was there, he would often not show up for work at all. One of the major parts of being Lt. Governor in Pennsylvania is presiding over the state’s Senate. Fetterman couldn’t even be trusted to do that. When he was Mayor of Braddock, he missed one-third of city-council meetings despite describing his tenure as a “full-time job.”


CPAC Republicans
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#4 – Kari Lake Takes ‘Unhinged’ Katie Hobbs Apart, Gives Masterclass in Handling the Press — by Bonchie

Sometimes a politician comes along that just consistently hits the right notes, and all you can do is respect the game. That’s Kari Lake, who has wiped away all questions that existed about her during the primary to run one of the best on-message campaigns of the cycle.

On Sunday, Lake took a reporter to the woodshed on the issue of abortion, turning the tables to both affirm the value of life and blast the radicalism of Katie Hobbs, her Democrat opponent. On Tuesday, though, the Republican painted her masterpiece. While speaking to a press gaggle eager to ask her “gotcha” questions, Lake turned into a rhetorical ninja, slicing and dicing Hobbs while effectively shaming the press in the process.



Tropical Storm Biden
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#5 – Watch: Joe Biden Arrives in Florida but One Moment With Ron DeSantis Stole the Show — by Sister Toldjah

One couldn’t help but wonder … is this a sign of things to come? Because in my view, DeSantis looked damned good behind that seal, made me proud. Unlike the current Oval Office occupant, who pettily played politics ahead of Hurricane Ian, calling local mayors in the Sunshine State but not DeSantis until DeSantis himself confirmed publicly after a media inquiry that he hadn’t heard from Biden ahead of the storm making landfall.

Speculation has swirled as to whether or not DeSantis will throw his hat into the ring for 2024. While he and his team have not confirmed they are considering it, they haven’t denied the possibility, either, instead indicating whenever asked that the campaign they are focusing on right now is DeSantis’ bid for reelection.


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