Watch: Joe Biden Arrives in Florida but One Moment With Ron DeSantis Stole the Show

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A week after Hurricane Ian ravaged southwest Florida and beyond, and days after the MSM and Democrats started doing their thing by trying to make the Category 4 hurricane Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Katrina” moment, President Joe Biden arrived alongside First Lady Jill Biden and met with DeSantis and Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis before they toured some of the impacted areas, spoke with residents who were hoping to rebuild, and gave a press conference.


Fresh video from Biden’s visit showed a prolonged and presumably civil conversation between both DeSantis and Biden upon their arrival before they walked off to begin their tour:

During the presser, Biden made sure to of course give “climate change” a mention, proclaiming Ian “ended … the discussion” about whether it existed:

But it was one moment in particular during their time together that stole the show.

As DeSantis was speaking to the press, he did so behind a podium that included the presidential seal as Biden looked on:


One couldn’t help but wonder … is this a sign of things to come? Because in my view, DeSantis looked damned good behind that seal, made me proud. Unlike the current Oval Office occupant, who pettily played politics ahead of Hurricane Ian, calling local mayors in the Sunshine State but not DeSantis until DeSantis himself confirmed publicly after a media inquiry that he hadn’t heard from Biden ahead of the storm making landfall.

Speculation has swirled as to whether or not DeSantis will throw his hat into the ring for 2024. While he and his team have not confirmed they are considering it, they haven’t denied the possibility, either, instead indicating whenever asked that the campaign they are focusing on right now is DeSantis’ bid for reelection.

With former president Donald Trump still making his opinions known, the mainstream media are salivating over the possibility of a DeSantis/Trump primary battle in the coming months, as nothing would please The Usual Suspects more than to see the Republican Party fracture ahead of the next presidential election.


Only time will tell if this scenario will ultimately play out, but in the event they both jump in the race, let’s hope it’s not too bruising because the one thing that simply cannot happen again is Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris or whoever the nominee is on the Democrat side) winning another term in office. Because too much is at stake.

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