RedState Weekly Briefing: Biden Impeachable, Comeback Unreachable, Stelter Screechable


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Joe Biden

#1 – Biden Is About to Commit an Impeachable Offense; Republicans Must Respond With Fury — by Bonchie 

But as I said in the first sentence of this article, the biggest issue here is that what Biden is set to do is illegal. There is no federal provision that allows him to “forgive” student loan debt on the backs of taxpayers via the stroke of his pen. Nancy Pelosi is on record saying Biden doesn’t have that power. The Department of Education has said Biden doesn’t have that power. For the president to still attempt this move wouldn’t just be a pushing of the envelope. Rather, it would be a conscious, deliberate decision to commit an impeachable offense.

The million-dollar question then becomes what Republicans are going to do about it. Crying on social media is not enough. The coming Republican House (and possibly, Senate) must move to hold Biden accountable. That should come in the form of making the treasury account for the “canceled” debt and burning the university system to the ground via taxes and investigations. The GOP can’t stop there, though. They must impeach Joe Biden.


Joe Biden

#2 – The Democrat ‘Comeback’ Is Crashing and Burning — by Bonchie


As I’ve written previously, the point is simple: Summer polling is notoriously bad and typically favors Democrats (at least post-2012). Those using it to make bold proclamations that Republicans have blown the election before it has even happened are deluding themselves.

Further, the closer we get to September, the more you can expect the GOP to start gaining ground again because those that are going to break typically break to the out party. Sure enough, the latest NBC News poll is out, and it’s everything the election bros on Twitter told us wasn’t supposed to be happening.


Trump North Carolina
AP Photo/Chris Seward

#3 – REPORT: Memos Show Joe Biden Tried to Entrap Donald Trump Over ‘Classified’ Documents — by Bonchie

My colleague Matt Margolis over at PJ Media describes what happened here as entrapment, and I concur in principle. That’s exactly what this looks like. Trump had done what many presidents before him had done, which is to claim executive privilege over documents originating from his administration. The idea that a later president, specifically a political rival, could then waive that, allowing a criminal investigation to snap into place is insane, but that’s what happened here.

The DOJ had no right to review those documents, but Biden coordinated with them and the National Archives to remove all legal roadblocks in order to make the current pursuit of Trump possible. It’s the Russian collusion hoax all over again, except instead of the garbage Steele Dossier serving as the hook, you have a letter from Biden’s lawyer nuking the executive privilege of a former president. The concept is the same, and just as importantly, the motive is the same: Get Trump by any means necessary.



Brian Stelter
Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

#4 – Brian Stelter’s Final Delusional Rant Shows Why He Got the Boot — by Nick Arama 

“Second segment for Brian Stelter’s final show — the risk to the lives of journalists and how dangerous it is to be one in America because of the far-right. Ah, yes. Being a journalist in America is JUST like reporting in China, Myanmar, North Korea, and Russia!” Houck said.

Criticizing and mocking bad CNN hosts isn’t threatening or putting their lives at risk.

But Stelter would like to present the illusion that he’s some kind of mystical knight fight for “democracy” against the evil Donald Trump. That’s not just false, it’s delusional–and it surely isn’t journalism.


Election 2024 Trump
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

#5 – New: Intel Officials Leak About What FBI Was Looking for in Trump Raid — by Nick Arama 

This matches with the prior report from journalist Paul Sperry.

DEVELOPING: Investigators reportedly met back in June w Trump & his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago storage rm to survey docs & things seemed copasetic but then FBI raids weeks later. Speculation on Hill FBI had PERSONAL stake & searching for classified docs related to its #Spygate scandal.

In other words, it sounds like documents that would have shown the case was trumped up against him.

Russia collusion has already been disproven to most sensible people. So I’m not sure whatever the documents are would so much prove his innocence as they might be things that would indicate the guilt of others in plans/efforts against him.



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