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Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, July 25th. Audio included below.

Growing up, I had an aversion to country music. A child of the ‘80s suburbs, I was much more attuned to classic rock, pop, and a bit of punk. Still, there were countrified influences that found their way into my psyche – some Charlie Daniels here, some Marshall Tucker there. Even the Eagles were a little bit more country than rock ‘n roll.


But, as with my tastes in food and drink – and politics – my taste in music has evolved over the years and I find myself genuinely appreciating country music these days. Maybe I’m just getting older, but there’s something about the storytelling woven into the melodies that truly resonates with me now. The themes of faith, family, freedom, and unabashed love for your country.

It’s funny that, to many these days, those concepts are alien – even repugnant. Maybe more sad than funny.

Country star John Rich has a new song out that I suspect will quickly become an anthem for freedom-loving Americans. Its hook is “Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.” But this verse near the end of the song will really strike a chord with many a fed-up American:

They bent us all over, but it’s all over now
‘Cause we’ve figured it out — we ain’t backing down

To that, I say: Amen and pass the biscuits!

(P.S. Check out the video for Rich’s song below, as well.)



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