Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 139: The 'Midterms 22, Bad Sisters, and the Smartless Biden Interview' Edition

We’ll all know by tomorrow evening if the red wave cometh.

Ha, no, we won’t. Because, as White House spokeslemming Karine Jean-Pierre said today:


To be fair, that may be because the Democrats simply don’t want to talk about it. Kiplinger — along with pretty much everybody else — is predicting a blowout:

With the midterms fast approaching, Republicans are poised to gain enough seats to take back both the House and Senate and serve as a check on the Biden administration.

How to account for the recent GOP surge? First, it was supposed to be a Republican year. The president’s party almost always takes a beating during the midterms. So, it should be no surprise that political conditions shifted back in favor of the GOP, following a temporary Democratic upswing earlier this fall.

According to Real Clear Politics(opens in new tab), Republicans currently have about a three-point advantage on the generic ballot, a rough proxy for which party voters want to control Congress, after trailing Democrats for much of September.

It’s never surprising when an incumbent loses his party control of Congress. The bird in the hand is easier to blame than the one in the bush, after all. But what’s interesting is who’s swinging right: Latinos, White women, Black men. In short, the standard-bearers of the Democrat vote.


We may not know for a few days. but we’ll still know, ya know?

I talk about it on the podcast today, as well as the fun and pitch-black hilarious “Bad Sisters” (trailer below). And I really need to listen to the whole Biden interview on the Smartless podcast, because I talk about that, too.

Say a small prayer of forgiveness for my lack of preparation when you push play.


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