Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 138: The 'Open Borders Shuffle, Luckiest Girl Alive, and Fanaticism Explained' Edition

Listening to President Joe Biden speak of late is like watching the administration’s moves at the southern border: chaotic, nonsensical, contradictory, and confusing.


I wrote something about it over at RedState’s sister site Townhall last week.

Since the start of the Biden term, the White House has been all over the place on immigration, one minute signaling an open border, the next treating the growing crisis like an invasion. The cognitive dissonance of expanding Title 42 to include Venezuelan dissidents and, almost simultaneously, bragging of convincing the mayor of El Paso to hold off declaring a state of emergency has been stunning to watch. And while these policy contradictions play out before the midterms, fentanyl is pouring across the border and Mexican cartels are becoming unimaginably wealthy.

So where does the Biden White House actually stand? The answer is in the money. And the nonprofits who receive it.

In July, a little-known nonprofit called the Acacia Center for Justice with ties to the left-leaning Vera Institute of Justice received “$41 million in taxpayer-backed government contracts” to “to help illegal immigrants fight deportation amid the escalating border crisis,” Fox News reported.

Tl;dr: the administration is funding nonprofits to carry out their preferred open borders agenda while playing centrist on TV. It’s not a new tactic, but Team Biden seems to be really perfecting the art.

I talk about it on the podcast below, as well as recommend the intriguing “Luckiest Girl Alive” on Netflix (trailer below).

Finally, there’s an exposition on Michael Shellenberger’s excellent substack essay on “The Quiet Desperation of Woke Fanatics.” Here’s an excerpt, but it really should be devoured in its entirety.


In a series of recent articles I have argued that what lies behind climate fanaticism and narcissism is an apocalyptic religion born from nihilism. The power of science to explain humankind’s place in the universe (e.g., the big bang, evolution by natural selection) resulted in a dominant narrative coming out of society’s elite institutions for over 100 years that human life has no inherent meaning or purpose (nihilism). We’re just animals like any other.

This depressing story has led the ostensibly secular elite, which are educated and indoctrinated in universities that teach nihilism as unquestioning scientific gospel, to create a new apocalyptic religion (climate catastrophe), complete with a new victim-god (nature), a new reason for guilt (sins against nature), and a path for redemption (renewables and low-energy living). It, and the broader Woke religion, have found intellectual ballast since World War II from Rousseau, Malthus, and Foucault.

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