Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 86: The 'Not-A-SOTU Address, Falcon & Winter Soldier, and Behar Bumbles' Edition

If you watched Biden’s address to Congress — which was DEFINITELY not a State of the Union Address, or so we’re told — you might have been confused as to how the nation will pay for what sounded like trillions in new spending. Or you might have been lulled to sleep. The chance of either is about equal.


In the midst of what was a laundry list of wealth redistribution plans and cries for taxing the heck out of the top earners, Biden made a statement that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas decided was the most radical. And he’s right.

It would appear that Biden and the Democrat majority would like to sell the American people the idea that their federal government is them. And that they are their federal government. It’s an odd thing to say to a nearly empty chamber of legislators, who tend to be out of touch generally with what the actual people in their states are doing to get by.

Perhaps that’s why the GOP decided to offer a traditional rebuttal, despite the speech being downplayed as an actual SOTU address. GOP Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina delivered said response and, because he is a black man raised in the South, and probably because racial tension seems to be the tool of the day to divide Americans, he spoke of racism and offered his personal belief that this nation is not a fundamentally racist country.

Oh boy, did that make the progressives angry. The View’s Joy Behar exemplified their response in the most inane and hilarious way: by explaining to her viewers that the good Senator just doesn’t understand what systemic racism means.


“Now, Tim Scott, he does not seem to understand — and a lot of them don’t seem to understand — the difference between a racist country and systemic racism. They don’t seem to get the difference,”  she said.

“Yes, maybe it’s not a racist country. Maybe Americans, the majority, are not racist. But we live in a country with systemic racism,” Behar continued. “The fact that Tim Scott cannot acknowledge this is appalling. How can you go out there and say that when you just said two minutes ago that you were the object and the victim of discrimination?”

If you were hoping for some insight into the state of our union, Behar certainly provided it.

I discuss all this and more on the show today, as well as offer my thoughts on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which I’m liking!). Push that triangle button on your commute home.

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