Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 72: The 'Establishment Is Judging You, Synchronic, And Politics As Entertainment' Edition

There’s a battle brewing for the soul of the GOP between the old guard already making their way back up the steps of the pulpit to preach about redemption and forgiveness for Donald Trump, and those conservatives that had been enjoying the tax cuts and job opportunities afforded by that same callous man.

They would disagree no doubt, but I don’t believe the established old order is going to reascend the throne as easily as they seem to believe.

Because for years conservatives read the words of these pundits and politicians and believed them when they were told conservative principles were worth fighting for; that, in fact, in the nation’s esteemed past, many had given the last full measure of devotion to preserve them and the principles undergirding out foundation.

Only to then watch as the hard left of the Democrat party grew increasingly more corrupt, and bolder about it, until they actually concocted a fantasy about Russia collusion in an attempt to destroy their political rivals so they could, presumably, move toward a permanent majority. And the right-leaning analysts who promised those conservative ideals really mattered did very little to stop it, save complaining about it from the sidelines.

And here the nation finds herself again. Except this time, no matter Trump’s brash manner and dubious conservative bona fides, Republicans in this country have witnessed what can happen when someone decides to get off the sidelines, get in the game, and address the corruption head on. They saw that person can win. They witnessed that conservative policy can be implemented and the nation can grow stronger.

The old order ready to take charge again can’t Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the last four years out of the collective conservative consciousness. So for all the “repent and ye shall be saved” rhetoric coming from the Never Trump and GOP establishment wing of the Republican party, the real self-reflection, if that wing is going to make amends with the hinterland average conservative, will need to come on the side of those feckless pied pipers who promised to drive the snakes out of Ireland while quietly breeding snakes in the pen out back because in order to make money complaining about snakes, snakes must be a problem.

They’ll need to atone for the sin of lying about their bravery, and for their role in the rise of Donald Trump as a better option than the dozen or so other Republican candidates he drove off the stage in 2016. And they’ll need to address why the Democrats, never cowed by their meek, half-hearted admonitions, grew stronger and more corrupt over the years.

In short, the establishment GOP should apologize to the American conservative for failing them. Not the other way around.

I talk about all that on the show today, as well as review an interesting little indie “Synchronic” (trailer below), and marvel at how damaging Politics as entertainment is likely to be if we don’t get serious about separating the two.



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