A Taste Of Things To Come: Biden Succeeds In Getting Operation Warp Speed Chief Scientific Adviser To Resign

A Taste Of Things To Come: Biden Succeeds In Getting Operation Warp Speed Chief Scientific Adviser To Resign
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Trump’s now infamous suggestion that the country would eventually tire of all the winning has become a de rigueur joke among the smart set. “Aren’t you tired of all the winning?,” they laugh while presumably texting photos to their group chat of the violence at the Capitol last week.

And it’s a fair bet they won’t give the Trump administration credit for their actual wins, even as the country settles back into the comfortable malaise of suffering under the new policies of an old guard that is disturbingly compromised by a nation most recently engaged in unleashing a designer virus on the world.

Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration-led effort to deliver a vaccine for that same virus in record time, is one of those wins. And quite a win it was. So much so, it could potentially foil the plans of the incoming Biden administration to keep everyone locked down and gagged by masks for the next 100 days (although they may still try). The country — and the world — owe the Trump administration a great deal of gratitude for that particular feat in the face of large odds and even larger doubt.

So how does President-elect Biden express that gratitude on behalf of his national constituency, even as they slowly avail themselves of the miracle vaccine?

He requested, and received, the resignation of the chief scientific adviser to Operation Warp Speed, Dr. Moncef Slaoui.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientific adviser of Operation Warp Speed, said on Wednesday that he’s submitted his resignation at the request of President-elect Joe Biden.

“As you know, I’m very supportive of this upcoming administration and, really, of course, of the operation and its mission and I will be doing everything I can to help them succeed. As part of that process, which I understand, they have asked me to resign from my role as the operation’s chief scientific adviser,” Slaoui told CNBC on Tuesday.

Slaoui said he submitted his resignation on Tuesday and thanked the Trump administration for the opportunity to help the country, the people, and the people of the world.

Now, it’s not unusual for incoming administrations to make changes. It’s expected and smart (Trump may have done better had he made more, frankly). But because the vaccine is only in the early stages of being delivered and administered, and Slaoui is likely not a political animal, asking him to resign before Biden has even been inaugurated is strange and ultimately unhelpful. And it reeks of trying to eliminate the need to give the Trump administration — and the people he hired to get it done — credit for the work. Oh, and a Biden adviser is now saying he expects a “slow start to the ‘100 million vaccines in 100 days’ goal.”

While the Biden administration is likely to be lethargic and hamstrung for a bit thanks to the corruption surrounding them and their general inability to focus on what’s important (see Kamala Harris’ beef with Vogue Magazine), they are already at the top of their game in the area of petty politics. Meanwhile, the country grows more restless and economically defeated by the day. But that’s not the primary focus for team Biden. They’re far more concerned with scratching images of any successes from the past four years off the temple walls.

How’s that for winning, America?

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