Let the Anarchists Rage But Keep the American Faith

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Language warning in the post below.

The first polls are starting to close and there are already planned protests cranking up and “tentative” calls from leftists to “Protect the Results” if “Trump takes action to undermine the results.” Washington, DC, started up their protest machine at 4 pm Tuesday, well before there were even any news outlets discussing (generally inaccurate) exit polls.


What that should make clear is that — despite exhortations for weeks now that Trump owns the chaos that has engulfed the country these last several months — the rioting and protests and general unrest are the purview of the left side of the political aisle. That’s not a surprise to anyone, even the lefties who say they think otherwise; in their quiet moments, if they’re capable of honesty with themselves, even they likely admit it. But it doesn’t stop them from attempting the spin.

You can’t really blame them when the path is laid by beloved American icons like the great Michael Keaton, who straight up tells them that voting for Biden is the only way to end the chaos.


But it’s a silly argument. Everyone knows who’s been in the streets and why places like DC have been boarding up businesses the last few days. They’ve not been shy about it; quite the contrary, in fact. And their demands are simple: elect Joe Biden or we burn it down. It’s a mob tactic and a temper tantrum meant to hold the country hostage as the almost-inevitable vote-counting challenges take us past election day into God knows where. But despite the fact that everyone knows who’s been tearing the country apart, Trump and his supporters are still receiving the blame.

And they justify it because — again, according to people with huge followings and some version of fame — Trump, they tell themselves in their fevered desire to win, is worth the destruction due to some imagined white supremacy and ethical failing.


But what’s wholly disheartening is that this group of people — who use threats and intimidation to win — believe it is the proper way of things. That these tactics are the movements of the side that is GOOD.

But that canard was put to rest pretty succinctly on twitter Tuesday:

The hope is that Americans are still of a stock that blanches at and rejects sanctimonious bullies, and votes just to prove they aren’t afraid and because they prefer a nation that resolves its differences with less violence and bedlam. The winner is not likely to be announced soon, unless there’s a blowout. And Biden has said he will posture himself the winner and address the nation as such if the news media (for Pete’s sake) declares him as such. So we’re almost assured a stressful post-election.


But it will have been worth it if we keep our heads and survive this foray into mob rule. We may lose some friends — which seems silly as well — but we’ll keep this grand American experiment going a bit longer.

No matter what the election outcome, keep the faith.


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