Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee Ep. 35: The 'Serologic Tests & Willy T. Ribbs' Edition

It feels like we’ve made it across the middle of the quarantine bridge and are closer to the other side as discussion begins in earnest about opening the country up relatively soon, even as early as May. Although there’s a fair amount of criticism of that plan; criticism that will only grow louder as April comes to a close and plans are unveiled for people to begin to venture out into the world again. I do not envy the administration the hell they’ll take when that first person passes away from COVID-19 following restrictions being lifted.


But I’m fairly certain the administration is aware what they’re in for and has no illusions about a press that has been helping those trying to undo the Trump presidency from day 1. There’s no evidence they plan on changing course now and simply reporting the facts without injecting agenda into their work. And in a way it’s strangely comforting. There’s a shamelessness we’ve come to expect from the press corps, a shamelessness accompanied by a short memory and a bizarre sense of righteousness. And if they suddenly turned the corner and became informative and useful again, I’m not sure we could adjust quickly. Calling them out for their bias and questionable skills has become something of a sport as we await the return of actual sports.

The press isn’t talking about what’s going to help us return to normal anyway. One of those underreported things is the serologic tests planned by the CDC — blood tests that will determine if someone is a COVID-19 survivor and may therefore have some immunity (how much immunity is still being determined). I wrote about the “certified recovered” at TownHall the other day and it’s an interesting idea as long as — and I can’t stress this enough — it’s voluntary.

No, the press is instead doing what they’ve done since Trump won (and, indeed, even before): serving as the propaganda arm of the opposition party that would like nothing more than to see the administration fail at everything they do. But there’s a reckoning coming, as Attorney General William Barr recently reminded us. 


And the press plays a huge role in the Russian collusion false-flag story, publishing the Steele dossier and writing whisper campaign pieces in the months leading up to its publication. So the doubling-down on the administration is going to be interesting to watch in the coming months as Durham concludes his work.

I discuss all this on the show today, as well as review a truly cool Netflix documentary, “Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story” (trailer below) about the first African-American to make serious inroads and take home serious wins in the sport of racing. Before I watched the documentary, I read about Willy and thought his “strong personality” would turn me off. On the contrary, I liked him. A lot.

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