PR Battle: Susan Rice Pops Up To Explain Concerns About Flynn After Lindsey Graham Asks What She Knew About Dossier

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A few days before Christmas, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, who also heads up the Senate Judiciary Committee, made statements indicating he was looking for U.S. Attorney John Durham to hold people “criminally accountable” for their role in the Russia collusion hoax. Indicating a desire to see how far the hoax went up the chain, the fiery congressman invoked the name of Obama’s national security advisor, known for her role in unmasking Trump aides and associates.


“Does President Obama know about the counter-intelligence surveillance of the Trump campaign?” Graham asked Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “How much information was provided to Susan Rice,” Obama’s National Security Advisor.

Lo and behold, two days later, Ms. Ricer herself appeared on a competing cable news show, MSNBC’s Hardball, ostensibly to hawk her book (which came out months ago), but in which she dropped some interesting information that sounded a great deal like self-defense.

Rice told host Chris Matthews that Retired Army General Michael Flynn, who is awaiting sentencing and who was her immediate successor when Trump was elected, was ill-prepared for the job.

“He seemed to me out of his depth,” Rice tells Matthews. “[He was] quite subdued, quite humbled by the weight of the job — as well he should be — but substantively, strategically, he didn’t seem that well prepared and he didn’t seem that interested in learning what he needed to learn.”

Rice goes on to complain that Flynn didn’t seem to want to spend much time with her and was more interested in what his boss, incoming President Donald Trump, wanted him to do.

“I was trying to get him to understand what he needed to do to hit the ground running,” Rice complains.

Hitting the ground running means figuring out what your boss wants you to do, Ms. Rice; not playing pattycake with the outgoing administration that had fired you. Furthermore, the suggestion that the man known as a genius at restructuring intelligence gathering units and had been the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency wasn’t up to the job of national security adviser because he wasn’t obsequious enough is simply laughable.


But I imagine unmasking Trump associates and being called out as a possible piece in the Russia collusion communications chain to the White House — if such a thing existed — would make one want to hit the studio fast to explain their concerns about the targets of the hoax at the time to prove they were warranted.

We can likely expect many more interviews in the coming weeks and months from the lackeys as they turn on each other in the lead up to the release of Durham’s report.


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