Rep. Massie Calls For Comey And Strzok To Be Jailed Based On Word Of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne

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GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky really believes former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne when he says he was asked by the FBI — specifically Peter Strzok — to engage in an affair with Russian gun-rights activist Maria Butina in a game of political espionage in an attempt to ensnare Republicans. So much so that the Kentucky Republican called for Strzok and his boss, former FBI Director Jim Comey, to be jailed.


Byrne told Martha MacCallum a long, involved story (22 minutes worth) of how he got involved with Butina — who is currently serving a jail sentence for being an unregistered foreign agent — and how he was encouraged (and possibly directed) to help Butina ingratiate herself into Republican circles by high-ranking officials in the FBI.

Byrne says he cut his romantic relationship off with Butina because he began to feel uncomfortable with the Republican circles she was “swanking” around in, but was later ordered by FBI officials — possibly Strzok directly — to rekindle his relationship with her. Once Butina was fingered as a possible spy, Byrne says he went to his mentor, Warren Buffett, to ask for advice about coming forward.


Despite Byrne’s tendency to ramble and cut himself off, MacCallum notes that her own research and sources have indicated Byrne’s story of his relationship with Butina and the involvement of the intelligence apparatus is highly credible.

It’s a remarkable interview and well worth a watch. Massie was clearly convinced.

Senior FBI officials have denied Byrne’s claims they requested he engage in a relationship with Butina.


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