Acosta Does A DC Book Event, Here's How We Think It Might Go

Cartoon by B.B. Fox

CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta wrote a book in the event you hadn’t heard him tell you, and he’s doing a signing tonight at the venerable DC institution Politics and Prose.


It’s the perfect place for Acosta to promote his book because the establishment itself is a few doors down from Comet Ping Pong Pizza which has a bit of dangerous news cred attached to it as well. And good luck to the old chap. We hear he’s having a bit of trouble getting people to believe just how dangerous things were for someone who spent his days yelling things at White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders (and even President Trump himself) and being severely put out at having his press credentials revoked as a result. But we’re sure it was fraught with peril.

In any event, our wonderful cartoonist B.B. Fox has an idea of how things might go down tonight. We think she might be on to something.

Cartoon by B.B. Fox


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