WATCH: New Ad Targeting Liberal Senators Following Kennedy's Retirement Announcement

FILE - This Jan. 25, 2012, file photo, shows the U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington. The Supreme Court enters its final week of work before a long summer hiatus with action expected on the Trump administration’s travel ban and a decision due in a separation of church and state case that arises from a Missouri church playground. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

The Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) — and really every other group that concerns itself with the rule of law and protecting the Constitution and the Founders’ vision for America — had a good day today with the announcement that Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring.


JCN, however, celebrated quickly and then set about launching a 7-figure, national digital and cable ad targeting liberal senators called #AnotherGreatJustice.

Carrie Severino, JCN chief counsel and policy director to the Judicial Crisis Network, wrote in National Review upon learning of Kennedy’s decision, that she “looked forward” to the esteemed Justice’s replacement.

Justice Kennedy was a transformative justice during a period of great transition on the Court, demonstrating the incredible impact one justice can have. In cases like Obamacare, Heller, and Citizens United, Justice Kennedy was a passionate defender of individual liberty and the separation of powers. I want to thank him for his service to our country and I look forward to the nomination and confirmation of his successor.

She and every other conservative in the country, including every single one of them that opposed Trump in both the primary and the general. According to exit polls, one in five Americans who voted in the 2016 election said appointments to the Supreme Court was the primary reason for their vote; President Trump won 57 percent of those voters.

Early reports are that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the favorite from Trump’s already well-established list of potentials.


Washington-based federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh, a former Kennedy law clerk with close ties to the retiring justice, is a top contender, according to two U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The outcry from the left was of course that there should be term limits for Supreme Court Justices and that the courts should immediately be packed with left-leaning judicial activist judges and maybe the Constitution is just broken.

With every new fabrication from their friends in the media, they’re confronted with the cold, hard truths of the way the American system was designed to work. And they answer with Democratic socialist candidates and public harassment.

But the lifetime tenure of a Supreme Court justice goes a long way toward making those things seem insignificant.


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