PLAYING GOD: China, India Have Nearly Aborted Women From Their Population

In a stunning, beautifully presented, and tremendously sad report, The Washington Post looks at the result of the “one-child policy” and social engineering practices designed to increase the male population adopted in some Asian nations — notably China and India — that has led to nearly 70 million more men than women, with predictions of an increase in that number as today’s babies grow up.


Out of China’s population of 1.4 billion, there are nearly 34 million more males than females — the equivalent of almost the entire population of California, or Poland, who will never find wives and only rarely have sex. China’s official one-child policy, in effect from 1979 to 2015, was a huge factor in creating this imbalance, as millions of couples were determined that their child should be a son.

India, a country that has a deeply held preference for sons and male heirs, has an excess of 37 million males, according to its most recent census. The number of newborn female babies compared with males has continued to plummet, even as the country grows more developed and prosperous. The imbalance creates a surplus of bachelors and exacerbates human trafficking, both for brides and, possibly, prostitution. Officials attribute this to the advent of sex-selective technology in the last 30 years, which is now banned but still in widespread practice.

In the two countries, 50 million excess males are under age 20.

Inexplicably, while mentioning the “combination of cultural preferences, government decree and modern medical technology” that led to the crisis of too many men — which leads to loneliness, depression, sex slavery as brides are imported, economic hardship, etc. etc. — The Post never mentions the word “abortion,” which is the method through which the ferreting out of women was achieved.


What’s happening in China and India is an interesting example of what happens when humanity, in its arrogance, forgets that it lives within an ecosystem that seeks balance and employs the gruesome strategy of murder in utero to achieve its goals.

If we’re not very careful, we might artificially “naturally” select ourselves out of existence. The upside (if there is one here) is that if the immorality of baby murder doesn’t make a dent in how society views abortion, perhaps — in this era of #metoo — a world populated solely by men might.


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