College Students HATED Trump's SOTU Address (Even Though it Hasn't Actually Happened Yet)

Ok to be fair, it’s not exactly clear from this video if the college students being interviewed acknowledge they didn’t watch President Trump’s first State of the Union address (SOTU) (that hasn’t actually happened yet. It’s scheduled for Tuesday night.), but it’s definitely clear that they don’t NEED to have seen it to form their opinion of it (even though it hasn’t actually happened yet); and that they’re pretty gullible to just believe some guy because he’s carrying a microphone and is accompanied by someone shooting a video.


The definition of “indoctrinate” from the Google search-related dictionary is: “the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.”

Apparently all these young adults needed to lose their critical thinking skills (if they’ve been trained to have them at all) was for some random stranger to say, “Hey, I watched the SOTU address (which hasn’t actually happened yet), and this is what Trump said, and doesn’t that validate what you already think?”

And the students answer: “Yes, yes it does. And we are comfortable spreading our opinions born of a 2nd hand re-telling of something that never happened on what will most likely be the powerful platform of social media video so we can get our opinions out there.”

But not the truth. Because that’s subjective. Or something. (I don’t know how  or what they think.)


As I’ve written elsewhere, it troubles me millennials and subsequent generations are so maligned. But there keep being really good reasons for it.




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