They Still Think We're Stupid

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On one hand, it's been immensely satisfying to watch the MSM do backflips, pole vaulting, the uneven bars, and any other sport that involves contorting into unnatural positions, all in an effort to point fingers at each other to deflect from their central role for nearly four years in gaslighting the American people about Joe Biden.

On the other hand, though, it's infuriating.

Media reckonings happen from time to time, and it's a welcome sight for sure. For instance, there was a fair amount of (reluctant) "What could we have done differently?" from some journalism figures the further out we got from the coronavirus pandemic, when fresh information was routinely coming to light about the origins of the virus, the questionable efficacy of masking and social distancing, and the like. 

For instance, when readers and viewers demanded in 2021 to know why they were shielded from information and theories in 2020 that contradicted talking points from media darling Anthony Fauci and then-candidate for president Joe Biden, some outlets essentially admitted that critical information was suppressed because Orange Man Bad.

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But the problem with those media reckonings is that the lessons simply aren't learned. There are typically smatterings of tepid mea culpas and then they usually move on after that, commencing in the recharging and restocking of their reserves for the next scandal from which they have to rescue a Democrat or pin on an innocent Republican.

We've seen it play out just recently in the aftermath of Joe Biden's nightmarish debate performance. The same media that said three weeks ago video clips showing Biden looking confused and just generally unwell were "cheap fakes" - a White House talking point - now feigns shock and anger, even though they knew all along that the questions about Biden's cognitive health were legit and had merit -- because they had seen it first hand.

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Former CNN media hall monitor Brian Stelter is a classic example of what I'm talking about. In the below clip, which aired roughly two weeks before the presidential debate, we see Stelter stating in a nutshell that there was a difference between who Biden really was and what we saw in those "short... out of context" video clips:

Then there was this Brian Stelter, trying to get Democrats who were frustrated with the media after the debate to cool their jets, claiming "This crisis of faith in Biden's capabilities is not a media creation," and that Democrats were the ones driving the "what do we do about Biden?" news cycle, not the media:

As usual, the media is part of the problem but they never want to admit it.

Another case in point was the absurd, pathetic scene that played out during the Wednesday White House press briefing. 

As we reported, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked a question about reports that Biden was taking daily naps in the middle of his debate prep sessions and whether that carried over into his everyday routine over the course of his time as president. 

As usual, she dodged it and made a ridiculous statement, which was followed by a request from White House Correspondents' Association president Kelly O'Donnell to have Biden come to the briefing room and answer questions himself.

That prompted Newsmax reporter James Rosen to chime in with an "if he's awake" remark, which fauxfended O'Donnell, who snipped "That's inappropriate."

In response, Jean-Pierre amplified O'Donnell's comments - and thanked her for them in a truly shameless "I gotchu, sis" moment:

This was an especially noteworthy and revealing exchange considering Rosen was blackballed by the White House for eight months following a January 2022 question to Biden directly about the concerns people had over his age and health.

In other words, Rosen was one of the few in the White House press corps who was brave enough to raise the question at the time, got slapped down for it and received no support from the WHCA in the aftermath of it - and then got slapped down for it again, this time by the president of the WHCA herself, even though this issue is at top of mind for just about everyone at this point.

You truly could not make this stuff up if you tried.

As O'Donnell and Stelter both confirmed in their own ways this week, absolutely no lessons will be learned from the "cheap fakes" to "Why didn't they tell us this!" media pivot. None at all. Because they continue to think we're stupid, which is why our intelligence keeps getting insulted.

'Nuff said.

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