Reporter Just Shreds Associated Press After Report on Child Murder Suspects Leaves Out Critical Detail

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Over the last several months, the issue of Joe Biden's border crisis has taken center stage in the aftermath of high-profile cases like the February murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, the recent arrest of the suspect in the August 2023 Rachel Morin Maryland rape/murder case, and the June 2024 rape of a 13-year-old NYC girl.


In all of them, those arrested were illegal immigrants, some of who reportedly had violent histories prior to the crimes they have been accused of committing in these cases.

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Sadly, another case has been added to the list. 

As RedState's Bob Hoge previously reported, two Venezuelan illegal immigrants have been arrested and charged in the strangulation death of a 12-year-old Texas girl, whose body they allegedly dumped in a Houston creek.

Though the suspects were Venezuelan illegal immigrants, that information was nowhere to be found in the Associated Press write-up on the story. Instead, they simply referred to the two suspects as "two men":

As of this writing, there is literally no mention in their report of the fact that these men are illegal immigrants and there is no mention that they were from Venezuela:

Two men who were seen on surveillance footage with a 12-year-old girl before her body was found in a Houston creek earlier this week were arrested Thursday in her death, police said.

Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, each face a charge of capital murder in the killing of Jocelyn Nungaray, police said. The medical examiner has determined that her cause of death was strangulation.


Their omission of the critical detail of the two suspects' immigration status caused Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin, who has spent years reporting directly from the border, to go off. He noted that the especially concerning thing about it was the fact that so many other news outlets will carry/use the Associated Press reporting on this tragic case without doing any deeper dives on it:

On Friday morning, Melugin tweeted that ICE had confirmed their reporting on the two suspects:

Just infuriating. These guys shouldn't have been here. But they were thanks to Joe Biden, and what they allegedly did to that little girl was nothing short of horrific. 


The public deserves a full accounting on this case, but they haven't gotten it, because apparently, the Associated Press prioritizes wokeness, political correctness, and helping Joe Biden get reelected over doing their damned jobs. 

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