Infuriating New Details on Rachel Morin's Alleged Killer Spell More Trouble for Joe Biden

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As RedState reported Saturday, the suspect in the August 2023 rape and murder of 37-year-old Maryland mother of five Rachel Morin was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma Friday.


"Officers found the suspect [Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez] casually sitting at the bar and placed him under arrest," the Tulsa Police Dept. wrote on Facebook. "Initially the suspect lied about his true identity and denied any knowledge of the crimes he is wanted for."

"The suspect was booked into Tulsa County and awaiting extradition for his heinous crimes," they also wrote.

Martinez-Hernandez, as we noted, is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador with gang ties who in addition to allegedly murdering Morin is believed to have a prior violent history including allegedly assaulting a nine-year-old girl and her mother in Los Angeles and allegedly murdering a woman in El Salvador.

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Like the Laken Riley case, news of Morin's alleged rapist/killer being an illegal immigrant has sparked a swift backlash against Joe Biden, whose open border policies have been blamed for enabling these types of senseless attacks. And new information on Martinez-Hernandez's border actions over the last year and a half is only going to make the outcry against Biden even louder:


From that story:

The suspected Salvadoran gang member accused of raping and killing a Maryland mom illegally snuck into the US three times in two months and was booted — before apparently eluding agents on his fourth try.

Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, 23, first illegally crossed the southern border near El Paso, Texas, in January 2023, a second time that same month in New Mexico and then again in New Mexico in February 2023, Department of Homeland Security sources told The Post on Monday.

After each of the three illegal US crossings, he was nabbed by border agents and kicked out of the country, according to scant records in his case.

The fourth time, however, Martinez-Hernandez became known as a "gotaway," which is defined by US Code as "an unlawful border crosser who- (A) is directly or indirectly observed making an unlawful entry into the United States; (B) is not apprehended; and (C) is not a turn back."


Through the Morin family attorney, we also learned that they believe there could be other Martinez-Hernandez victims out there due to the time gap:

“Using the law of probability where you murder someone in El Salvador in January, you go to California in March and commit assault on a mother and daughter, then there’s a gap from March to August when he rapes and murders Rachel, followed by another 10 month gap until he’s arrested … it’s hard to think he hasn’t committed another crime in those periods or gaps of time,” [Randolph] Rice said.

Hopefully, there aren't, but if there are any others, let's pray they, too, get justice - and that justice includes Joe Biden not winning reelection in November.

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