'Reporter' Gets Exactly the Reaction He Deserves After Term He Used to Describe Inverted US Flags

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You know, there are days when the things you see/read/hear cause your eyes to roll so far back into your head that it gives you a headache, and that goes double when it comes from someone in the mainstream media.


Wednesday and Thursday were two of those days for people who caught wind of a tweet written by NBC News reporter Ryan J. Reilly.

Reilly is on the "justice" beat according to his Twitter bio. He also has a book he's trying to sell on the Capitol riot and how it "broke the justice system." So naturally, his 24-7 obsession focus is on the J6 defendants, their charges, the latest developments in their cases, the Zaprudering of videos, etc.

On Wednesday, Reilly referenced the case of Dale Huttle, who he said has been described as "one of the more violent participants" in the unfortunate events of January 6th:

It was his second tweet on Huttle that got the attention of conservatives, however. In it, Reilly described the way Huttle flew his American flag that day as "Alito-style." Note in his screengrab that the feds did not actually use the term "Alito-style":


Reilly no doubt was referencing the hit pieces on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito where his wife Martha-Ann flying the flag upside down ten days after the Capitol riot in response to an unhinged woketivist neighbor is being used to suggest the Alitos are sympathetic to the J6 defendants. As such, he is - in the minds of his critics - unable to be impartial in any cases related to J6 or the 2020 election.

Apparently, Reilly holds the same view that Alito should recuse himself, and this was his way of expressing it.

Flying the American flag "Alito-style" is of course not actually a thing any more than flying them inverted is "BLM-style," which others pointed out:

There was also this:

That was in reference to a since-deleted tweet from Reilly in 2014 amid the Ferguson riots during his time as a Huffington Post journo when he thought earplugs were... rubber bullets:


For the record, it wasn't Justice Alito who flew the flag upside down. It was Martha-Ann, which she essentially confirmed in an audio recording obtained by a far-left activist/filmmaker who misrepresented herself as a Christian conservative to try and goad the Alitos into saying something that could be used against them.

As for Reilly, the only thing he succeeded in with posting that tweet was ensuring that trust in the media erodes even further than it already has. You might think you despise the media enough, but you truly don't. 

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