Dept. of Labor Hears About It After Tweet on Feminine Hygiene and Monthly Cycles Goes 50 Shades of Wrong

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Last I checked, the government was supposed to "stay out" of a woman's lady parts, at least that's how the left has framed the argument, anyway.

But apparently, when it comes to a woman's monthly cycle, one government agency - the U.S. Dept. of Labor - is, well, all in... on attempting to educate women on menstrual health and feminine hygiene, and they are encouraging employers to get in on the action, too.


Except in the DoL's case, they have a rather curious way of referring to women, as the tweet below demonstrates:

Well, at least they didn't refer to women as "people who do give birth" or "bodies with vaginas," so I guess that's something?

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First things first: I had no idea "Menstrual Hygiene Day" was actually a thing and I'm confident that the vast majority of women here in America didn't either. Further, I feel comfortable in asserting that most of  those same women would prefer to not know there is a "menstrual hygiene day" because, well, just trust me when I saw that the "time of the month" is a rather sensitive and delicate topic that women really don't like talking to anyone about, much less their employers.

In any event, at the DoL website, things didn't get much better in their "5 Ways Employers Can Make Workplaces More Menstruation-Friendly" piece, as the words "woman" or "female" did not get mentioned even once:


Implementing workplace policies that address menstruation can enable menstruating employees to continue to fully participate in and contribute to the workforce while mitigating adverse effects to their mental and physical health.


But there is more that employers can do to support menstruators. 

  1. Provide a sufficient supply of varied period products in bathrooms and ensure menstruators can access products privately.

Imagine thinking you are helping "menstruators" with this information while omitting the fact that these menstruators are, in fact, women.

Not surprisingly, the DoL heard about it in the aftermath from men and women alike. Here was Political Editor Guy Benson's advice:

They’re called women. That a tiny fraction of biological females identify as males does not mean that we need to replace the word ‘women,’ or uproot our whole language to try to satisfy the capricious demands of a fringe. And it’s not transphobic to say so. Stop it.

Ed Morrissey, the Managing Editor from our sister site Hot Air, also had thoughts:



"I wish the left was as terrified of taxes as they are the word woman," observed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' deputy chief of staff, Katie Strickland, in a true "amen moment" if there ever was one.

The Dept. of Labor, I should point out, is currently being run by Julie Su, its acting secretary, which just further proves that women can truly be their own worst enemies sometimes.

As further evidence, in 2022, we reported on a female-run feminine products company based in the UK that proudly referred to its client base as "bleeders."

Yoppie’s founder and CEO, Daniella Peri, was unapologetic in response to the outrage their marketing message prompted:

We’re an open, straight talking and transparent brand that is trying to navigate the right language. We will continue to promote that discrimination prevents all people from having equal opportunities – and we make no apology for that stance. 

"We make no apology for that stance" was a helluva way of explaining why they found it okay to dehumanize women by referring to them as a bodily function, reducing them to, well, the sum of their lady parts.

Then again, consistency has never been the feminist left's strong suit, and that goes double for any government agency that takes the same approach which, of course, effectively demeans women.


My thought here is that it would be wise for the DoL to stay out of our monthly personal business and instead focus on the kitchen table issues that are impacting men and women and their families across this country, but what do I know? I'm just one of those faceless "menstruators" to the DoL, it would seem, and not currently feeling very uplifted by the message... 

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