Al Sharpton Hears About It After Telling Black Trump Supporters They Have 'No Shame'

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Reverend Al Sharpton is infamous in NYC circles for inciting deadly race riots, engaging in antisemitism, and foisting racially-tinged rape hoaxes on the American populace.


Sharpton, who has been a controversial figure for decades in American politics, has never apologized for his actions, and has never been called to account by the same political party and media that have canceled Republican politicos for saying/doing much less.

Instead, Sharpton has been welcomed with open arms by the Democratic Party machine as a two-time Senate candidate, a one-time mayoral candidate, and a one-time presidential candidate whose endorsement and blessing is frequently sought, along with his purported "wisdom" and "guidance."

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It's one of the clearest-cut examples of Democrat privilege you'll ever find.

Writing about Sharpton saying something stupid or offensive is a bit like a dog bites man story, but sometimes it deserves calling out, which brings us to the latest instance.

On a recent broadcast of his MSNBC show "Politics Nation," Sharpton went on a rant about Trump's comments in South Carolina from Friday about black voters allegedly embracing him in part because of his viral mugshot. Sharpton proclaimed it was part of a pattern of remarks from Trump and his surrogates that, in Sharpton's view, should offend and alienate black voters.


"And those blacks that are standing there with him, have you no shame?" he asked toward the end of the segment.


In response, it was pointed out that Sharpton himself has had a roller coaster "frenemies" relationship with fellow New Yorker Donald Trump that goes back for quite some time:

Lattina Brown, who unsuccessfully ran to serve on the New York City Council in 2021, perhaps best summed up a lot of the reactions from black Trump voters on Twitter in her reply to Sharpton's shame games:

You cannot tell black people who they can and cannot vote for. Tired of people like you shaming black people for finally having their own voice. We have been done such a disservice for decades and we are always last. It’s their constitutional right and really not for you to judge those who no longer want to be part of the sick radical agenda!


A person's vote is their own, and it is most certainly not owed to any political party. Their vote should be earned, fought for - not expected, and certainly not taken for granted.

Besides, Al Sharpton is the absolute last person on this planet who should be lecturing anyone about the supposed need to feel shame. I mean, seriously. Think about it.

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