‘Signs of Hope’: One Man’s Sign Steals the Show After Anti-Israel Protest Breaks Out at Harvard-Yale Game

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Considering the organization of anti-Israel/pro-Hamas protests seems to be a near-hourly thing on college campuses, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone to learn that one was planned and carried out at Saturday's Havard vs. Yale football game.


Though Yale defeated Harvard 23-18, the real losers at the game were the groups on both sides of the field who brought their "ceasefire" signs and Palestinian flags and broke out into chants while in the stands, which caused security to bring in more manpower just in case. This was despite an email sent from Yale on Friday that explicitly stated people should not bring large banners or signs or anything else that could obstruct someone's view:

Students will not be permitted to bring large banners or signs into the Yale Bowl and “unauthorized spectators” could be subject to arrest if they attempt to access the field during the annual Yale-Harvard game on Saturday, per an email sent to students Friday morning.


Chief of Yale Police Anthony Campbell wrote to the News that while spectators may bring smaller posters and signs to the Yale Bowl, they cannot bring those that “would obstruct the view of spectators” — such as a banner that needs to be held by more than one individual.

Here are some photos and videos that were taken of the spectacle:


In the midst of it all, however, one lone spectator stood tall against the madness - and stole the show in the process, as shared by Free Beacon writer Aaron Sibarium, who used to be a staff columnist for the Yale Daily News:

The bottom of the sign reads "Good for Israel, good for USA. Good for Hamas. Educational for students."

One Twitter user described the image as "signs of hope," while others agreed about how woke faculty members should also be offered up in the exchange.

Not to be outdone, Accuracy in Media - undeterred by multiple swatting incidents after they launched exposure campaigns at Harvard and other universities - was also on the scene, targeting student leaders from both schools who had proudly participated in "die-ins" and other antisemitic events over the course of the last month, including signing a despicable letter blaming Israel for the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians:


As Dana Loesch would say: "Never bend a knee to the rage mob. Ever."


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