Profiles in Woke Twitter Professors Acting Very Stupidly

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Not that it wasn't obvious well before the Hamas-instigated war with Israel began that our higher education institutions are full of woke professors who indoctrinate hate instead of educating, but in the four weeks since then, it has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, as evidenced by the wave of antisemitic "protests" on college campuses across the country.


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But while woke professors can be grating and dangerous enough to encounter in person, the ones on Twitter are a special type of annoying, as any conservative who spends even the bare minimum time on the social media platform can attest.

NYU Journalism Professor Jay Rosen, who is the embodiment of pretty much everything wrong with modern journalism, is one example, but there are others with less of a reach who still manage to inform as to the dire state of things in academia, such as the ones who celebrated the July 2020 death of conservative UNC-Wilmington Professor Mike Adams, including another journalism professor who said though it was "unfortunate" that Adams committed suicide, he was "not a guy headed to heaven" due to his alleged homophobia and misogyny.

But back to present times, this week was another banner week for woke professors on Twitter acting very stupidly, as evidenced by the response one gave to a tweet by conservative commentator Eli Lake.

Lake, who is Jewish, correctly pointed out that "Most of the people saying Israel is committing a genocide are low information fools following a trend, performing edgy empathy, seeking social credit. Ignore them."

"If you’re feeling charitable, urge them to find another hobby," Lake also wrote.


This didn't sit well with author Jonathan Brown, a Professor of Islamic Civilization at Georgetown, who responded by flashing his higher ed creds in an attempt to pass himself off as some type of authoritative source on the matter.

"Israel has been engaged in a genocidal project for decades," Brown claimed without providing credible evidence. "I’m a full professor."

Wow. "Full professor." I mean, aren't you impressed? Probably not, but you know he really, really wants you to be. Even more troubling, though, is that he is charged with educating the next generation.

I pointed out that he was indeed "full" ... of something, but not knowledge.

Relatedly, Arizona State University law professor Khaled Beydoun, who is also a "Scholar-in-Residence" at Harvard, wanted his followers to know that he had allegedly experienced Islamophobia on Instagram.

The problem was, however, that messages in blue are sent by the user (in this case, the professor), not the person who is trying to connect with them, as Community Notes helpfully pointed out in the since-deleted tweet:

Our colleagues at our sister site Twitchy labeled it Beydoun's "Jussie Smollett moment" (the online version, at least), which is a pretty perfect description of it.

While I have a lot of respect for those who want to better themselves and others through higher ed, I have zero respect for those who abuse their positions of power to corrupt and warp impressionable young minds into hating their country and supporting genocidal terrorist groups like Hamas.


Every time I come across tweets like these from our supposed intellectual betters I am reminded all over again that prestigious college degrees and fancy titles and letters after names do not always elevate someone to "smartest person in the room" status. In fact, many times it's just the opposite, with these very people using their education as a crutch with which to use on people in order to try and hide their idiocy:

They think we're too dumb to see right through it. But they're wrong. We do. 

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