Commentary: A Word About the Death of Conservative Professor Mike Adams, and the Left's Reactions to It

Mike Adams
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UNCW campus – photo credit: Mike Adams.


As most people reading this have probably already heard by now, conservative UNC Wilmington Professor Mike Adams was found dead in his home Thursday after deputies from the New Hanover County sheriff’s office responded to a wellness check.


For those who hadn’t heard, here’s a brief rundown about what is known so far:

Mike Adams, a controversial professor who was set to retire from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in a little more than a week, was found dead inside his home on Windsong Road in New Hanover County, according to investigators.

Deputies with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home in the Bayshore community Thursday afternoon.

Property records confirm that the home belonged to Adams.

Officials have confirmed the identity of the body but provided no further information about what may have happened.

Adams, who was a staunch defender of free speech, taught sociology and criminology at UNCW. He was forced into retirement a few weeks ago after liberal students and faculty members launched another campaign to have him fired after becoming offended by tweets he posted to his Twitter account they described as being “offensive” and “racist.”

Hollywood celebrities with ties to the city also helped organize a boycott of the school in hopes it would force their hand with Adams, who the university had unsuccessfully tried to deny tenure to in 2006 over his conservative views. Adams won the lawsuit he filed against the school at the time:

The university attempted to deny Adams tenure in 2006, but ended up getting sued for discriminating against Adams’ protected speech. They ultimately lost the lawsuit and gave Adams the promotion in question. The lawsuit cost UNCW hundreds of thousands of dollars.


As I noted at Legal Insurrection last night, it didn’t take long for Twitter leftists to express their glee over Adams’s death.

That they did so was not unexpected, but I can honestly say that in the entire time I have been on Twitter (since 2007) I have rarely seen the level of joy over the death of a supposedly “controversial” political figure that I saw in response to the news that Adams had been found dead.

I preserved a few examples below for the record, but trust me – there were tons more. After I posted my condolences, my mentions were flooded with people saying in so many words that the world was a better place now that he was gone, that he “deserved” to die, etc:


The lack of humanity and basic common decency on display from these supposedly compassionate liberals was staggering, even knowing all I do about how the “compassion” thing is one big lie.

Perhaps more troubling than those responses, though, were two that came from actual professors. One was a colleague of Adams’s at UNCW:

Another was from a journalism professor at Morgan State University:

When you see this type of inhumanity posted on the same day a man was found dead, you begin to understand why we see college students act out as they are today in big cities like Portland, NYC, and others. There’s no respect, no compassion whatsoever for anything or anyone other than themselves and the desire to be viewed as “woke” – even if it’s at the expense of someone’s livelihood or life.


When you see how the journalism prof reacted, you understand why we see headlines like these from “news” outlets:

I think there are good colleges and universities out there, but unfortunately, the vast majority of the rest are bastions of woke thought police professors and weak-kneed administrators who go along with them because they, too, fear cancellation if they dare to think independently from the herd. This type of mentality then flows out into the real world, where we get the type of filth I’ve seen in my mentions over the last 24 hours, as well as the ripping down of statues and setting buildings on fire that has happened over the last several weeks in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

To counter that mentality, I recommend people search “Professor Mike Adams” on YouTube. You’ll find many videos where he talked about the importance of the First Amendment and conservatives standing up for themselves even at systemically anti-conservative higher ed institutions like UNCW that are known for forcing out conservatives for WrongThink.


Professor Adams, sadly, is gone far too soon but his legacy in standing up for freedom of speech lives on and will do so for generations in the body of work he left us.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.


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