Adam Kinzinger Picks a Bizarre ‘Looks’ Fight With Matt Gaetz, Gaetz Hilariously Finishes It

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Because it's an exceptionally beautiful fall day where I am and it's Friday, I thought it'd be nice to "lighten the mood" a bit by pivoting away from the more serious topics we normally write about and instead highlighting Adam Kinzinger's ongoing fruitless efforts at trying to remain (or should I say "become"?) relevant on issues of national import.


When last we left you with the disgraced former Illinois Congressman and purported Republican, Kinzinger was taking cheap shots at Jenna Ellis, using Jesus as a weapon of mass distraction in a "stolen election" argument. Before that, Kinzinger was hardest hit after declaring that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did not have the authority to green-light rescue flights to Israel, only to find out in short order that DeSantis did in fact have that power -- when the first planeload of formerly stranded Americans arrived safe and sound at Tampa airport.

Few will be surprised to learn that Kinzinger is still spending his days on Twitter picking fights with random Twitter users, but even fewer will be shocked to learn of his latest target, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

Though it's not uncommon at all for Kinzinger to try trolling his former Congressional colleagues, his method of attack towards Gaetz Thursday raised more than a few eyebrows because it revolved not around a policy dispute, but over Gaetz's looks.

"A man should not change this much in just a few years. It’s truly odd right?  I’m serious. Weird," Kinzinger wrote while including two different pictures of Gaetz and tagging his Twitter handle:


Now, I could be wrong here but it does look like the image on the left has been deliberately distorted/stretched. But even if not, who cares? Kinzinger for some weird reason apparently does, it seems, which as I understand it is solid evidence that he must want to date Matt Gaetz or something, according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-N.Y.) expressly stated dating standards when it comes to criticism of her.

In any event, Friday morning, Gaetz saw Kinzinger's tweet, and decided to respond in kind by noting that "[i]t’s really nothing compared to the political metamorphosis you underwent."

And considering the "180" Kinzinger did indeed make his last few years in Congress while rubbing elbows with the D.C. Smart Set™, I think a pretty convincing argument could be made that Gaetz's dunk is actually an understatement.


That said, Matt Gaetz is one of those DC politicos that Republicans either love or hate, there really is no middle ground on that, in my opinion. But when it comes to mic drops and being able to put some of his staunchest critics in their place, one has to admit that Gaetz definitely has got game.  

I guess it's a Florida thing?

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