WATCH: Damning Video of Jamaal Bowman Pulling Fire Alarm Raises More Questions About ‘Confusion’ Story

US Capitol Police

As we reported earlier, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) turned himself in Thursday after the Capitol Police announced the findings from their investigation into his September fire alarm-pulling stunt, and a misdemeanor criminal charge was filed.


Their "affidavit in support of arrest warrant" document alleges that Bowman had multiple opportunities to alert the Capitol Police that the alarm was false, but didn't. At the end of the document, the Capitol Police said there was "probable cause" to support their conclusion that Bowman "willfully or knowingly gave a false fire alarm within the District of Columbia," which they said was "in violation of D.C. Code: § 22-1319."

To many conservatives, the misdemeanor charge of falsely pulling a fire alarm, which carries with it a $1,000 fine, and up to six months in prison, was light considering it seemed pretty obvious that Bowman was trying to obstruct a Congressional proceeding -- which is a felony that could come with a prison sentence as high as five years.

Perhaps knowing that criticism was coming, the DC Attorney General's office said Bowman was charged with "the only crime we that we have jurisdiction to prosecute" based on the Capitol Police findings.

On Thursday, however, a rather damning video of Bowman's actions that day was released and paints a picture that is severely at odds with his official story that he was "confused" by the door having alarm signs on it.


In the below clip, you'll see Bowman calmly walking up towards the doors, pushing for a moment, pulling the signs off of them, pulling the alarm, and walking away without looking back. At no point did he wait for the doors to try to open, nor did he appear to be in the "rush" he initially said he was:

How that isn't solid evidence that Bowman was knowingly trying to delay a vote to avert a shutdown is a mystery to me, but then again, we're in a two-tiered system of justice kind of country, where members of one political party get the book thrown at them while the other one is routinely given the benefit of the doubt -- even in the face of clear and convincing evidence -- otherwise, a system known as Democrat Privilege:

Over 300 January 6 defendants have been charged by the feds and given multi-year sentences for obstructing an official government proceeding. It's also one of the charges Jack Smith brought against Donald Trump as well. Now we know Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm to deliberately stop a congressional vote.


Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) is asking the same question a lot of us are right now:

It's just not right, y'all. It's just not.

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