Thompson Cartoon: Biden's Disgusting Maui Speech Sent Me Over the Edge

Biden boards Air Force One en route back to Lake Tahoe, NV, after visiting Maui (8/21/23). (Credit: Twitter/RNC Research)

It’s hard to describe the disgust I felt. Joe Biden’s trip to Hawaii was the ultimate combination of hubris and tone-deafness. He makes everything about Joe Biden. When actual facts won’t work, he’ll invent a story; he’ll create a myth about his life to fit what he thinks is needed to make every event about him. He’s made up more stories than Aesop, but his sorry storytelling on Maui sent me over the edge. When he wasn't telling lies about his life, he was falling asleep. 


We don’t know the number of people missing and likely dead because local officials are incompetent - but there are likely hundreds of children killed. Their deaths were terrible. The search continues for the missing. If their parents managed to get them into cars, they burned alive in a metal tomb. If they were still at home and asleep, the most merciful end would have been to choke to death before the flames reached them. Either way, there are hundreds of children and entire families who were burned alive and turned into ash, and the first thing out of Joe Biden’s mouth was a phony story about his house burning down, his cat, and, of course, his Corvette.

Biden constantly weaves fables about his life, but this was a bridge too far. His speech on Maui was worse than his lies about his son, Beau. Beau did die. That much is true. He didn’t die in Iraq. That was never true. He wasn’t a hero. He wasn’t in combat. He didn’t die because of burn pits. But Biden can make a flimsy argument that his cancer was related to toxic burn pits. It’s a fable, but it has a molecule of truth.

Comparing his kitchen fire with a thousand people burning alive, hundreds of whom were children, made me physically ill. It’s like comparing a sunburn to the firebombing of Dresden. If you haven’t noticed, Joe Biden isn’t just a terrible president; he is an awful man. A narcissistic, myth-weaving, self-centered jerk. But the media will cover for him - like it always does. 


Remember when George Bush was mocked for a decade about his flyover of New Orleans? The media said he never recovered from it. Biden's Maui trip and his response are a thousand times worse than Bush's Katrina moment. Bush did his flyover to avoid making Katrina about him. Biden took two weeks to get to one of the worst wildfires in American history, with perhaps a thousand dead, and the first thing he talks about is Joe Biden and his Corvette.

I had to turn my rage into something. I turned to my drawing tablet. My first cartoon in months. Spread it. Share it. Send a copy to the White House.



America will be a much better place when that goon is out of office.


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