Who *Really* Runs the Biden Show? Closer Look at Doocy Clip Reveals Clues

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President Joe Biden’s handlers have become infamous among the White House press corps and beyond for, among other things, the aggressive way they usher reporters away from Biden in order to shield him from uncomfortable questions and embarrassment.


We saw this frequently during his 2020 basement campaign for president, most notably after he picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate. During that period of time, members of the news media were literally herded away from Biden like farm animals, so much so that the yelling at them to leave the room even left Harris of all people looking tense at times.

The practice has only gotten worse during his time as president, so much so that at various points the handlers have gotten physical with reporters, which it goes without saying takes things to a whole new and disturbing level.

But while usually we see Biden’s handlers directing everyone else around and away, sometimes their responsibility is to handle Joe Biden – as in to guide him away from dangerous reporters, especially the kind who aren’t easily intimidated.

Such was the case on Wednesday, when during the now-infamous clip of Biden losing it with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, a handler stepped in moments after Doocy began asking the Devon Archer speakerphone question — and proceeded to promptly take control of the situation… and Joe Biden.


Take a look at the video from a different angle than the one that has been widely shared and notice the woman who walks up not long after Doocy climbs the barricade and walks toward him. The very second Biden gives her the opportunity she steers him away and the supposed leader of the free world goes willingly along with her:

I mean seriously – this woman absolutely means business. Do not get in her way:

Some folks on Twitter joked that maybe the woman was also the Biden admin comms staffer who was dressed up in the Easter Bunny costume during an April 2022 Easter event. As many RedState readers will recall, the bunny bizarrely rescued a startled Joe Biden from having to interact with the crowd full of parents and children:


Whatever the case may be, while we all know at this point who the Handler in Chief is (cc: Jill Biden), I think we’ve just figured out who perhaps more than anyone else in the White House unquestionably has Jill and Joe Biden’s six – quite literally.

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