Chris Christie Boomerangs Into Race, Receives ‘Endorsements’ No Self-Respecting Republican Would Want

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie (R) announces 2024 presidential candidacy, June 6, 2023. (Credit: Fox News)

As RedState reported Tuesday, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was preparing to make his presidential run official with the knowledge in mind that a new Morning Consult poll showed him polling behind deeply unpopular former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) on a list of current and possible GOP contenders.


Just hours after the poll was released, Christie cranked up his New Hampshire town hall with a message about how he was supposedly the only guy willing to go toe to toe with Donald Trump – despite the fact that he’s been called out for his convenient change of heart when it comes to the former President, who Christie endorsed in 2016 and who also lobbied unsuccessfully for various positions within his administration.

Christie even helped Trump with debate prep against Joe Biden in 2020.

Here’s a short video clip from Christie’s event:

For months prior to making it official, Christie had been teasing a run, which culminated in a list of “endorsements” of sorts from the kind of people with who no self-respecting Republican would care to be associated.

Like Washington Post columnist/NeverTrumper/pseudo-conservative Jennifer Rubin, who early on in Biden’s term won the enthusiastic approval of then-Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain:


… and far-left “View” co-host Joy Behar, who has been known to take blackface and whitesplaining to an art form:

Another Washington Post columnist, their former “reporter” Philip Bump, declared Christie to be the “only Republican actually running against Trump”:

As they say, fair or not, you are known by the company you keep, and if Christie truly wants a shot at the nomination, he has to win some red states, and these are not the types of plaudits he should be eager to receive.

Meanwhile, Trump’s reaction to Christie’s news was classic Trump:


Trump also took jabs at Christie’s use of the word “small” throughout his speech:

“How many times did Chris Christie use the word SMALL? Does he have a psychological problem with SIZE? Actually, his speech was SMALL, and not very good. It rambled all over the place, and nobody had a clue of what he was talking about. Hard to watch, boring, but that’s what you get from a failed Governor (New Jersey) who left office with a 7% approval rating and then got run out of New Hampshire. This time, it won’t be any different!”

Like Trump or not, it’s hard to argue against any of that. To say Christie has an uphill battle is an understatement, but hey at least this gets his name out there and in the news, so that’s something… I guess.

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