Chris Christie Tells on Himself in War of Words With Donald Trump

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As I’ve said before, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is one of those “hit or miss” types of Republicans who unfortunately misses way more than he hits. He reminds me a bit of a broken clock, frequently wrong but right every once in a blue moon primarily due to circumstances that are mostly beyond his control.


Though he’s been singing a familiar tune for over a year now on former President Donald Trump, Christie has emerged in media circles in recent weeks as one of the “go-to Republicans” when it comes to criticism of the ex-POTUS and throwing cold water on his current presidential run, telling his fellow “This Week” panelists a week ago that “I’ve said, over and over again, that he can’t win a general election.”

“That’s not speculation,” Christie went on to claim. “That’s based upon the polling that I was privy to pre-the 2020 election, and what we saw actually happen in the 2020 election. And it’s only gotten worse since then” with losses among several high-profile candidates who Trump endorsed in 2022, Christie suggested.

And on Sunday, when Christie was asked on the same program whether he felt Trump could defeat President Joe Biden in 2024, Christie said “I don’t think so.”


Though Christie was once a key ally of Trump’s in his successful 2016 presidential campaign (after Christie’s campaign went absolutely nowhere), him ratcheting up his criticisms of Trump at a time when speculation is running wild as to who will throw their hat into the ring next (will it be Christie himself?) proved to be too much for Trump to stew over in silence.


On his social media platform Truth Social, here’s what Trump wrote about “sloppy” Chris Christie:

“Sloppy” Chris Christie, the failed former Governor of New Jersey, spent almost his entire last year in office campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican Nomination for President. Much like his term in office, where he left with an Approval Rating of just 9%, his Presidential campaign was a complete disaster. He endorsed me the following day, later recommended Chris Wray for the FBI (how did that work out?), went down in flames, and then was SALVAGED by ABC FAKE NEWS. I never wanted him!

In response, Christie said Trump’s remarks were just sour grapes considering that he supposedly had no trouble with Christie when he was helping Trump with his 2016 presidential campaign:

In his attempted dunk of Trump, however, Christie told on himself instead.

Trump way more so than Christie is a well-known political entity as far as national politics is concerned, and it’s also understood even among Trump’s most passionate defenders that Trump is a transactional figure, meaning he keeps people around who are in line with his way of thinking and parts way with them when he finds the relationship is no longer beneficial to his ambitions. That’s not a criticism; that’s just how he is. In fact, many people in politics are this way (see Exhibit B in Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her eye-opening comments about Vice President Harris for another example of what I mean).


Christie, on the other hand, is not well-known nationally but he’s fashioning himself as the guy who “had a wake-up call” about Trump and no longer supports him. The problem with that is that it doesn’t just look like a convenient switch for Christie, it is a convenient switch. Remember, he was widely viewed as Trump’s “body man” during the 2016 GOP presidential primary season, going after anyone on the GOP side (including Sen. Marco Rubio) who was perceived to have a chance of winning the nomination.

And after Trump won Super Tuesday, Christie was right there by his side, though some joked that Christie look like someone from a hostage video.

Can people have changes of heart about the people they support? Sure. But when it comes to political campaigns and potential candidates for higher office, loyalty is in short supply, often losing out to political expediency. Let’s not forget that last October Christie said he was considering a presidential run, so he has a very vested interest in trying to knock Trump down several pegs.

But in the process what Christie is doing here is telling voters who is really is, a lot like Trump – clinically transactional and then highly adversarial – when it’s convenient to his political ambitions.


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