Watch: Unhinged 'Paramore' Lead Singer Practically Begs Ron DeSantis' Fans to Cancel Her

We’ve written often here about how Ron DeSantis has absolutely broken his critics in the mainstream media. But the same also holds true for wokesters in the entertainment industry, some of who have recently stepped up the attacks on DeSantis in the aftermath of his official entry into the 2024 GOP presidential nomination race.


Case in point, during a weekend performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams, apparently upset by social media criticism that she doesn’t speak out enough on political matters while she’s out on the road, practically begged fans of the Florida governor to cancel her.

“But I did see someone say that they wished I felt more comfortable talking politics on tour,” Williams told the crowd. “Well, I’ll be happy to tell you, I’m very f**king comfortable talking politics. I just, yeah. If you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f**king dead to me. So is that comfortable enough for anyone?”

Watch (language warning):

Presumably, Williams’ biggest issue with DeSantis is on issues related to the LGBTQ outrage machine. Though she hasn’t spoken out against him before, she has previously expressed support for the Tennessee drag queen community and for “gender-affirming health care” on her Instagram account:


Williams has been openly liberal for some time. Earlier this year, the Paramore frontwoman condemned multiple bills in Tennessee pushed by state Republican lawmakers to ban drag shows in spaces where children are present and to ban sex change medical procedures for youth.

In a post shared to her Instagram at the time, Williams wrote, “Drag is not a crime. Gender-affirming health care for all, including our youth, is a necessity.” She also wrote, “Once again our state has passed two regressive and unfathomably harmful bills. We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ family and local LGBTQIA+ orgs in this fight, not only for inclusion for our friends & family in the queer community, but for radical acceptance and empowerment for each of them.”

While I’m not a fan of knee-jerk reacting when an entertainer voices a political opinion with which I disagree – after all, we wouldn’t have much to listen to nor watch if that was the case since most of these people are leftists, Williams has more or less invited fans of her music who are also fans of DeSantis to take a hike and stop supporting her band.


They should oblige her. Not only that, but they should also maybe consider making a charitable donation to groups she undoubtedly doesn’t like, but in her name. Like Moms for Liberty, for instance – “In honor of Kayley Williams, who inspired me to make this donation.”

As I’ve said before, the only way these people learn is by turning the tables on them and in the process beating them by playing by their rules. Play dumb games, win stupid prizes, and all that.

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