'Reporter' Provides Exhibit B on How Woke Women Will Be the Downfall of Our Society

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Though a variety of polls have shown that most Americans believe men who identify as women should not be allowed to participate in women’s sports for what should be obvious reasons, woke leftists including radical activist groups, “progressive” female athletes, and far-left members of Congress and the Biden White House continue to insult our intelligence by pushing for trans “inclusion” in women-only sporting events.


As RedState reported Sunday, USA Today sports columnist Nancy Armour was one such person, arguing that ESPN sports commentator Sam Ponder is a dishonest “bigot” because she never spoke out before on women’s rights in sports until trans “women” demanded their way onto the women’s playing field.

“If ESPN’s Sam Ponder was truly concerned about women’s sports, she’s had ample opportunity in the last year to call out the inequities that actually do exist. She hasn’t,” Armour declared. “This isn’t about ‘fairness.’ It’s about her bigotry.”

Though there are more powerful self-proclaimed “LGBTQ champions” like AOC and other Squad members out there spouting similar nonsense about the rights of “birthing people,” “menstruating persons,” and the like, it is perhaps the woke female sports reporter community that has for years now been planting the seeds that are helping lead to the destruction of women’s sports as we know it, and along with it – the downfall of society.

Armour is one of many. Her colleague Lindsay Schnell, an “enterprise reporter at
@USATODAYSports,” “yass qweened” her in response to criticism she received over the column, making an absurd LeBron James reference in the process:


Good grief. Talk about dumb arguments. Initially, my first thoughts upon reading this was that I doubt most of even the wokest of the woke in the sports writing community would dare to argue that pitting a female basketball player against LeBron James in a one-on-one contest would be a fair thing to do. But considering the source of the comments, I soon realized that I was overestimating their ability to have a breaking point on this nonsense.

I was proven right with a tweet Schnell wrote a little bit later.

“As @nrarmour points out, there are a lot of ways women athletes are actually being treated unfairly, and trans women being allowed to participate in women’s sports isn’t one of them. Maybe someone could get outraged about THAT,” Schnell proclaimed.

Former NBC Sports editor Alex Azzi also agreed with Armour’s column on Ponder:


And there were others as well:

I just have one question for these women: if trans “women” in women’s sports is not an issue, is not unfair, then why even have separate sports leagues at all? Put your money where your mouth is, and call for the abolishment of the WNBA, the Women’s Soccer Leagues, and all the rest so the playing field can finally be leveled and men and women can play against each other.

Should work out especially well – for the men – in rough contact sports like hockey, boxing, and MMA. Then again, after the first woman got bloodied, it would be “feminist” sports writers like Armour who would be pitching the biggest fits about misogyny without the tiniest bit of self-awareness of how her advocacy led to that very situation.

Further, perhaps little league sports should be opened up to adult players. I mean, why not?

If all of that sounds insanely stupid, that’s because it is – just as stupid as the suggestion that it’s no more unfair for a trans “woman” to play in women’s sports than it is for a male basketball player to complain about having to play against LeBron James.


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