Instagram Silences Biologist for Posting Evidence That Trans "Women" are Stronger Than Women

Photo Courtesy of the Alliance Defending Freedom

From the people who constantly tell you to “follow the science” comes another piece of evidence that they aren’t concerned with any kind of scientific thought. This one comes from the folks at Facebook-owned Instagram who have now decided that censoring an actual biologist posting factual findings is acceptable.

His sin? He posted a fact about strength differences between the sexes.

Colin Wright is an evolutionary biologist and managing editor of Quillette. On his Instagram, he posted the results of a study showing the strength advantages of men over women in various activities.

The study, in particular, has to do with measuring the strength of transgender “women” over actual women. Titled “Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage”, the research found that even with hormonal suppressants, men who identify as women see their strength “only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed” even after three years.

This study was published before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

This study was published in the Sports Medicine journal where it was recommended that sports facilitators consider these strength advantages before allowing these “women” to compete.

Wright pointed out that a similar test was carried out in the U.K., and they found the same results. This study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Wright pointed out that the first author listed in this study is a transgender individual.

This is what Facebook/Instagram is now considering “hate speech.” As Wright pointed out in his tweet showing his post’s removal, the chart he posted goes against the social media giant’s guidelines on “hate speech or symbols.”

How merely pointing out the results of a scientific study that shows strength differences between men and women is hateful was not elaborated on by Facebook/Instagram and Wright said that the company did not allow him to appeal the removal of his post.

As much as they may try to censor the truth, the truth will out. Last March a poll was conducted about whether transgender people should be allowed to compete in women’s sports and 53 percent said no while only 29 percent oppose a ban.

Transgender Athletes High School
AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb, File

Evidence for the unfair advantage men have over women can be seen constantly, whether it’s biking competitions, MMA fighting, wrestling, or track and field. Time after time we see men win tournaments using their strength advantage and yet, even as the science says it’s unfair, many organizations are either too woke or too scared to reject entries from men claiming they’re women.

Woke corporations like Facebook aren’t helping the situation at all as they continue to deny even scientific data to exist on its platform.


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