USA Today Columnist: Only Bigots Mind Transgender Athletes in Women's Sports

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BREAKING: USA Today sports columnist Nancy Armour is a transgender woman. I mean, she must be, given her (testosterone-fueled?) over-the-top anger at people who don’t think biological men should compete in women’s sports. The only other explanation is that she’s a deeply unpleasant, outrage-addled, doctrinaire progressive who loathes dissent — and dissenters.


Check out her May 28 column, if you’re feeling brave. How’s this for a lead:

Don’t be fooled by the people who screech about “fairness” to cloak their bigotry toward transgender girls and women, the transgender girls and women who have the audacity to want to play sports, in particular.

This is, and always was, about hate, fear and ignorance.

Aren’t we fortunate Nancy’s here to set us straight about what’s in other people’s hearts and heads?

Armour’s ostensible target is ESPN’s Samantha Ponder, though it sure sounds like Nancy’s taking aim at the darkness in every heretical soul.

ESPN’s Samantha Ponder is the latest to tell on herself, using a tweet by anti-trans activist Riley Gaines to “fight for the integrity of Title IX” and then patting herself on the back for her “support” of women’s sports.

Truth-teller Nancy is not impressed. “Ponder’s quest for fairness is, unsurprisingly, a sham,” Armour writes. You see, Ponder’s focus on fairness differs from Armour’s, and thus can’t be other than a sham. Armour lets us know that she’s been in the trenches of the real feminist fight in sports – the one against the bad old patriarchy:

USA TODAY Sports, for one, did an entire series … detailing how most schools aren’t providing equitable funding for their men’s and women’s programs, are short-changing women athletes on scholarship money and are manipulating numbers to make it look as if they’re complying with Title IX, and how the federal government is doing little to stop it.

Did [Ponder] publicly participate in any of the many excellent documentaries, videos and commentary ESPN did to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Title IX last year? Or even Tweet about them?

No, she did not. Her public concern about “fairness” for female athletes starts and stops with the miniscule number of transgender women who are participating in sports.


Maybe someday Ponder will claim to have done all those things and get herself elected president, like Joe Biden and his civil rights claims. But in the meantime, Nancy knows who was at the revolution and who wasn’t. She’s naming names.

Women like Ponder really piss Nancy off. Riley Gaines is just an “anti-trans activist,” never mind that her athletic career suffered because a dude who couldn’t compete in the men’s pool put on a one-piece and started dominating women’s swimming.

And on Twitter, Ponder has liked a “cesspool of transphobic tweets.”

Dig a little deeper into Ponder’s timeline, and it’s clear her hostility toward transgender women goes far beyond their participation in sports. In January, she replied, “Yes. Thank you” to Megyn Kelly’s screed about a transgender woman going to the gynecologist.

Armour regurgitates the whole suicide rates for trans people talking point, and the danger of violence they face, etc., as if Ponder is on the hook for every bad thing that ever happened to somebody with a mental illness. She even states that Ponder’s “behavior” is “discriminatory and harassing.”

The “Disagree with me and you have blood on your hands” thing is charming. Remember when you could call progressives and left-wingers “liberals?” Good times …



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