Democrat Women Usher in New, Dangerously 'Woke' Narrative After Jordan Neely Subway Incident

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Pretty much no Democrat political figure in New York is speaking responsibly in the aftermath of the subway death of 30-year-old homeless man Jordan Neely – not NYC Mayor Eric Adams, not NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, and certainly not Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Neely, as RedState readers will recall, was subdued last Monday by multiple passengers on an NYC subway after allegedly behaving in an aggressive and threatening manner, and saying he was hungry and didn’t care if he got arrested.

One of those passengers, a 24-year-old Marine, at one point put him in a chokehold while other subway riders assisted in restraining Neely, according to video footage.

Neely was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, and the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide.

As one might expect, AOC has led the way in inciting far-left radicals in the deep blue city to wreak havoc on NYC subway lines, culminating in a “tracks protest” Saturday where “peaceful protesters” actually jumped onto subway tracks to prevent trains from passing through. Other videos taken of the chaos showed the same agitators also blocking passengers from being able to enter and exit the subway trains which was, in effect, kidnapping.

But perhaps even worst than AOC’s insinuations about how mentally ill people have the right to intimidate and harass others is another dangerously woke narrative that is emerging among woke Democrat women – that assaults aren’t actually assaults, and even if they are, we should check our privilege when they happen because the people committing them can’t help it.

Take a look at the below tweet, where a discussion on how to handle uncomfortable situations involving mentally ill persons acting erratically toward others was taking place. One person suggested trying to “talk with” the erratically-behaving person, and another responded that you should simply keep you head down to try and avoid confrontation at all – something that quite commonly happens on NYC subway trains.


In response, a video was shared from a recent segment of the far-left “Majority Report,” where co-host Emma Vigeland, who is a former reporter for the Young Turks, actually suggested that people who were being victimized on subway platforms should check their privilege and feel more sympathetic for the plight of the person harassing/assaulting them then they should for themselves. Incredibly, Vigeland talked about how she herself was allegedly a victim of a mentally unwell subway passenger assaulting her, but that her heart went out to the person who hit her in the course of an outburst.

“My fear is not the primary object we should be focusing on right now,” Vigeland said. “It’s the fact that this person is in pain.”

“And so, like, the politics of dehumanization, privileges, the bourgeois kind of concern of people’s, like, immediate discomfort in this narrow, narrow instance, as opposed to larger humanity and life. It’s really freaking twisted,” she continued.



Relatedly, Democrat pollster Elizabeth Spiers, who is a contributing writer for the New York Times opinion pages, actually sought to eradicate the notion that there is a big crime problem on NYC subways. Why? Because according to her, her child has never experienced any “lunatics” while riding the subway:

But in doing a little research, one will find that Spiers herself did admittedly experience an issue with an attempted sexual assault, which she posted about briefly in 2022:

She later tried to downplay it by absurdly comparing it to alleged Duke University crime problems.

“And let’s be real: if douchebags trying to grab my a** is a real crime metric, Duke University was far more of a crime ridden hellhole than the NYC subway in my experience,” Spiers also wrote at the time.

It’s astonishing when you think about it. We’ve gone from “men are evil” and “war on women” to “women must allow men in their locker rooms and showers in the name of ‘progress,'” and “women must acknowledge and subject themselves to the pain mentally ill men want to inflict because of privilege.”


As far as I’m concerned, this is Exhibit 17,582 of why people should seriously reconsider whether woke Democrat women should be near the levers of power, because in my opinion, they are going to be the cause of the downfall of civilization if they keep it up with insanity like this. And no, I am not being remotely facetious here.

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