Lawrence Jones Provides Definitive Commentary on Woke Dems' Sick Politicization of Jordan Neely's Death

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On Monday, 30-year-old homeless man Jordan Neely was subdued by multiple passengers on a subway in New York City after allegedly behaving in an aggressive and threatening manner, and saying he was hungry and didn’t care if he got arrested.


One of those passengers, a 24-year-old Marine, put Neely in a chokehold according to video footage. Though there is dispute about how long Neely was actually in the chokehold, the independent journalist who took the video, Juan Alberto Vazquez, claims it was around 15 minutes.

A video of the incident, which has sparked widespread protests, can be viewed here. NSFW warning – the content may be disturbing or triggering to some viewers.

Neely was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide, and the D.A.’s office announced it was investigating the incident. The man who used the chokehold was questioned and released.

Tense confrontations on the subway are a regular occurrence in New York City, so much so that many of the Democrat “leaders” who are tasked with addressing the problems – which also include random riders being pushed onto the tracks – often simply look away. But in this instance, the Marine involved was white and therefore “privileged” while Neely was black and homeless, so naturally The Usual Suspects suddenly “care.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her far-left Squad co-hort Ayanna Pressley, and Gov. Kathy Hochul have been among the many Democrats who have been either stepping before the cameras or jumping on the Twitter machine every chance they get to declare their outrage, with AOC proclaiming that Neely was “murdered,” and lashing out at NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D). Pressley dishonestly used an old video clip of Neely when he was a Michael Jackson impersonator, tweeting that he was “lynched on a Subway.”


Hochul also fanned the flames by portraying Neely – who had a history of erratic behavior and mental health issues, and who had been arrested dozens of times, including at least four for alleged assault – as someone who was killed simply for riding the subway.

“I do want to acknowledge how horrific it was to view a video of Jordan Neely being killed for being a passenger on the subway trains,” Hochul said Thursday.

As always, when the alleged victims and the alleged perps fit a particular “mold” for Democrats, the narrative-building starts before all the facts are known. We’ve seen it happen many times just over the last decade or so alone, with the Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot” lie from the Michael Brown case coming to mind.

It’s sick, and it does a disservice not just to those involved in the incidents and their families but also to the communities, who deserve the unvarnished truth, not gaslighting, not race-baiting, not gun-blaming, not rioting and looting and all the other typical responses we normally get from highly opportunistic politicians and woke activists when tragedy strikes.

All of this brings me to Fox News host Lawrence Jones, who in his commentary Thursday night got to the absolute heart of the matter concerning crime in blue cities, the policing issues they’ve faced, the rise in vigilantism, the ongoing mental health crisis that no one seems to be addressing, and how the Democrats who are yelling loudest about what happened to Neely only seem to “care” about him now that he’s gone, while ignoring the powder keg of issues that blew up under their rule.


“They care about this death, but they don’t care about the other deaths that happen every day in progressive cities,” Jones observed.


Many of the points made by Jones’ echoed the ones made by actor/podcaster Clifton Duncan, who correctly pointed out in the below tweet that Neely’s death happened “in a city that embodies” Democrat values, something that the AOCs and Hochuls of this country wouldn’t dare examine too closely because it might mean they’d have to consider the possibility that what they advocate for is what brings about the very situations like the one that went down on the F-train Monday:

Nope. Because like Jones suggested, only certain lives matter to “never let a crisis go to waste” Democats, specifically those lives that they can and will shamelessly exploit for political gain.

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