Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre's Cringe 'Lesbian Visibility' Lecture Stuns WH Press Corps Into Silence

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In case the average American didn’t know it already, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is a lesbian, and one who is so “out and proud” that she doesn’t hesitate to mention it every chance she gets – even though pretty much everyone in her circle undoubtedly is aware.


The White House press corps, who are likely the “wokest” of any press corps in American history, no doubt knows this as well, which might be why they looked on in stunned silence while Jean-Pierre, who was joined by “L-Word” Showtime series actresses Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Katherine Moennig and the show’s co-creator, Ilene Chaiken, proceeded to lecture them about “Lesbian Visibility Week” and the supposed importance of lesbians being visible at the start of the daily press briefing.

“This week is Lesbian Visibility Week, and as the first openly queer person to hold the position of press secretary for the President of the United States, I see every day how important visibility and representation are,” Jean-Pierre proclaimed before gushing over and introducing the “L-Word” crew and noting that after they spoke to the press that they would be meeting with “LGBTQI+ staffers” in the White House.

“For so many people in our community, ‘The L Word’s’ impact cannot be understated,” she stated. “Being able to see diverse narratives that reflect our lives is incredibly important. It is important that young people see characters on television and in the books who they can relate to, whose life stories and identities inspire them to reach their highest, their highesst potential.”


She then went on full partisan display in attacking Republican politicians for among other things introducing legislation designed to protect children in public school classrooms and the like from getting age-inappropriate sex-ed “lessons.”


After both Jean-Pierre and then Chaiken spoke, Jean-Pierre again addressed the reporters in the room and joked about how unusually quiet they were:

Speaking from my perspective as both a conservative and media critic, there is no love lost between myself and Media World.

But even I feel a little sympathy for them having to sit back and take lectures from the president’s press secretary on “lesbian visibility” when there are actually more pressing issues to deal with right now, especially since they have to squeeze every ounce of information out of her since Joe Biden is continually sequestered by his handlers from the press on most days and on purpose to the point that even the Democrat apologists in the media have openly expressed their exasperation.


Further, if “representation and visibility” are so important, then go about your business, do the work, and quit calling attention to yourself simply for being a minority. For nearly two decades I worked in a male-dominated industry and never once did I play the woman card even on the few occasions that I felt warranted it. I did, however, push back whenever I felt the situation called for it. In the end, I was respected by most of the men I worked with, and I’d like to think that was because I didn’t try to constantly draw attention to the fact that I was a woman. I was their co-worker, their contemporary, not someone who wanted to be treated with kids’ gloves because I was born with different equipment than they were.

In fact, in this country, despite the claims of Jean-Pierre and others, it is minorities who are the privileged ones in society – the ones on the left, specifically. Because we’re told that whatever a woman, black person, transgender activist, etc. on the left says should be considered the gospel truth with no questions asked, and no critical analyses done. And when the so-called “privileged” types respond accordingly, they get called every name in the book by what we’ve been reliably told is the most tolerant political party in the history of Planet Earth.

In case you haven’t guessed it already, I’m tired of all the in-your-facing done by the Biden White House on All Things Woke. In true Democrat party fashion, these people do not care about “visibility” and “representation” unless it’s the type of “visibility and representation” that further advances their far-left agenda. Anything that veers outside of that must be quashed, in their view – something they’ve as much as admitted in past press briefings.


2024 cannot get here soon enough. I am so over this hot garbage of an administration. So over it.

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