Katie Porter Makes Disqualifying Statements on SCOTUS, Staff Abuse Allegations

Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) appears on "The View" program, April 17, 2023. (Credit: ABC/TheView)

Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) is on a reputation rehabilitation tour as she aggressively makes her pitch to California Democrats to choose her as their 2024 Senate nominee, and naturally, “The View” was one of her first stops.


As we previously reported, Porter crashed and burned big time during a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s show, where both Maher and TV personality Piers Morgan schooled her on the Capitol riot, the assault on Riley Gaines by “peaceful” transgender rights advocates, and where she (Porter) stands on trans “women” in women’s sports.

But on The View, of course, she was treated with kid gloves, with one Nerf ball after another being thrown despite the fact that some co-hosts on the program have previously suggested she stay in her lane so someone with more experience like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) would have less competition for the nomination to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is retiring after this term in office.

During the segment, Porter was asked about the credible allegations, some made by a former female staffer and Wounded Warrior, that she was abusive towards staff and had uttered racial slurs at various points. Porter defaulted to … the “misogyny” card:

You know, I think we see… and I saw this as a professor certainly, female professors – particularly women of color get much worse teaching evaluations.

And even when all the professional evaluations are the same. And so, we see this again and again lots of the so-called bad bosses are women and disproportionately people of color. I think it’s really unfortunate because those are the very voices we need more of in our government.



At another point during the “interview,” Porter agreed with co-host and pseudo-conservative Ana Navarro that it was high time that Congress “police” the Supreme Court in part for their “misogynistic” overturning of Roe v. Wade and also so supposed “issues” like the Justice Clarence Thomas non-issue never happens again:

“Congress absolutely can and should police the Supreme Court. Residual power for our government is in Congress, not in the executive branch, not with the President and not the Supreme Court. And that’s because we’re the closest to the people. People elect and un-elect us every two years, and so Congress can pass a judicial code of ethics for the Supreme Court.”


The problem with Porter’s comments on the Supreme Court, though, is that her version of “policing” another branch of government would involve punishing conservative Supreme Court Justices for rulings she doesn’t like. I mean, she said as much during the interview when she talked about their abortion ruling. In effect, she put her mission statement on this issue out there for the world to see, though the Usual Suspects on the left will no doubt have trouble putting two and two together on this in order to be able to see the danger inherent in her suggestion.

In an ideal world, Porter wouldn’t be given serious consideration for the role of dog catcher in her community, much less the United States Senate. Suggesting the SCOTUS be “policed” because she doesn’t like certain Justices nor their rulings, and defaulting to the woman card over and over again just doesn’t cut it, especially when one of the accusers just so happens to be a woman, and especially considering men routinely face the same allegations that Porter has.


But as we’ve noted before, Democrats gonna Democrat, and politicos like Porter whose tiresomely gimmicky style has won her friends in woke circles and beyond, is walking, talking proof that oftentimes you don’t have to be particularly bright in order to con your way onto the world’s biggest stage with the enthusiastic support of the faithful in your party.

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